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Should there be an age limit for new hire teachers - Is 60 too old to be teacher?
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Sarah Key
Posted On : 15-06-2011
You need ENERGY to teach Teachers need to have energy and be healthy, at 60 and above even the most energetic or healthy teacher can not compete with 20 and 30 year olds.
Thomas Wells
Posted On : 01-10-2010
Doesn't matter what we think Our opinion of our ability to teach is irrelevant if the visa regulations of the country stipulate that a person can't obtain a working visa if they are over a certain age. Saudi Arabia states that no-one over the age of 55 will be issued a work visa so pointless to go there if you are 60.
Dave S.
Posted On : 25-09-2010
Demands of the Job. It is reasonable to have an age limit because of the physical demands of some position which may wear an older teacher down. For example, working in a Thai public school where your office is on the 2nd floor and all your unairconditioned classrooms are on floord 3 to 6...but the evelator (if there is one) doesn't work. :-)
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Posted On : 13-05-2013
Merit, Quality & Ability Im 68 years of age & taught for more than 20 years & keen to continue. At the moment Im doing tutoring and enjoying it. If there are jobs in China, Japan or S Korea, I will consider applying. Im available now. Best man for the job based on merit!
Mark Khan
Posted On : 08-05-2013
Most Popular Teacher At 59 I have taught ESL in four different private academies in Korea for the past 10 years, and I was the most popular teacher in each. The fact is that I had twice the energy and twice the wordly knowledge, of teachers half my age. And when you put these together with my endless imagination, outgoing personality and a caring heart, you have it all as a teacher. By the way, I am 59, but look only 40, better -still, I have the energy of a teenager. I strongly advise prospective employers to think insideout when hiring and look at an individual's track record rather than his/her age. The fact is that once my employers took the 'gamble' of hiring me, they reaped in abundance.
Keith Dixon
Posted On : 05-05-2013
Why should the age be of concern Many a good tune played on an old fiddle
Nigel Pacey
Posted On : 17-09-2012
Engineering experience into teaching For teaching English to engineering undergraduates or engineers generally, requires experience in engineering that only comes with age. In any case most 60 year olds I know are fitter than 30 somethings'.
Posted On : 21-07-2012
It should be up to the employer It should depend on the persons health and qualifications to teach.
Posted On : 30-05-2012
Case by Case Each person is different, and each person must be given the chance to apply for work. If a person is obviously physically unable to handle the job (regardless of age) so be it.
Phyllis Eslin
Posted On : 29-01-2012
It I Not Age It Is What You Do At 62 this is my profession. I have tauaght for over 30 years. I amstill enthusastic about what I do. I have a good tarck record. I teach and caare about the people I teach. There is an advantage to maturity in the class room. But we also need the new blood. Do not discount us and add to ageism!BTW I was evacuated from Lybiya and am now in Joran.
Renee Freguson
Posted On : 26-10-2011
Life experience counts! Maturity of attitude and lifelong experiences, not to mention advanced education, are the only things which should matter. Older teachers are more dedicated to excellence than young adults who are only teaching abroad for adventure.
Jacqueline Gunn
Posted On : 20-09-2011
I'M 51 YEARS YOUNG!! and plan on teaching as long as I can. I love my job. I would hate to think that if I wanted to teach in another part of the world my age would be a problem!! Infact my job keeps me feeling young!!
ewan black
Posted On : 11-09-2011
One's not even an adult until they're 45 these days!! dont be silly...I would be more concerned about level of education. I have seen job adds here wishing to employ science teachers with no PhDs???? Would anyone really want someone teaching their kids science without a doctorate in the relative area!!!
Alan B. Cranford
Posted On : 26-06-2011
The New Law - ESL Teachers can work till 70! Yesterday I found a site which stated that some areas of China are coming under a new law which will allow ESL teachers to obtain Z visas until age 70 (Beijing & Shanghai). I recently returned from a year in China at 66... I would like to go back... IF I COULD FIND A SCHOOL THAT WANTS A MATURE, SERIOUS TEACHER WHO ACTUALLY WANTS THE KIDS TO LEARN!
Posted On : 09-06-2011
My experience I was just over 60 when I started my first China job and 68 when I finished up last year. My final year was as Director of Teaching Affairs at a provincial-level vocational college and by far the most problematic FTs were younger. Both as regards empathy for the teaching task and general behaviour.
Heather Banyard
Posted On : 03-05-2011
Its not about age, its about capabilites. Teachers should be accepted on their individual merit, not age. Some 50 year olds might struggle, while a 65 year old might not, depending on their health and mental stamina.
Posted On : 30-09-2010
Age According to China law, it is 70.
The schools do not go by the government law. go figure.
Most agents will not qualify you to teach?
Victor Mejia
Posted On : 28-09-2010
Not about age Hey there,
I just started an english academy a year ago. As I study and fill myself with TESOL, I have found that age has nothing to do with it, but teaching vocation. For example, a 24 yr old can be really boring and a 60 yr old can be the most motivated, motivational, creative, and dynamic teacher. So, my suggestion is to look for vocation and teacher qualities, rather than age. You can work around any other thing. If you find a great (with all that this means) english teacher who is 60, he will be motivated enough to go up some steps. So, vocation and motivation rather than age.
Elizabeth Martin
Posted On : 23-09-2010
Raise the age. I think 60 is still young enough to teach. The age limit should be the same as the retirement age which, in most countries is being pushed to 65. The only reason teachers who are 60 are not hired is age discrimination.
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