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Jiangsu Animal Husbandry & Veterinary CollegeTeach in Jiangsu, China
ESL/EFL/TEFL/TESOL Teaching Job in China for teaching abroad.
Job Post Date: 7-18-2009
????: China
????: Public
????: University
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Jiangsu Animal Husbandry & Veterinary CollegeTeach in Jiangsu, China
      Welcome To .......... Jiangsu Animal Husbandry & Veterinary College



      Jiangsu Animal Husbandry & Veterinary College (JSAHVC) is one of the
      first-mass technical and vocational colleges established with the approval
      of Jiangsu Government. JSAHVC locates in Taizhou city---the hometown of
      Beijing Opera Master: Mei Lanfang. It covers a land of 813 Mu (about 54
      hectares), and has a construction area of 110,000 square meters. The
      college has an enrollment of more than 4600 students, of whom 20 percent
      come from the other provinces. The present staff stands at 254, including
      200 professional teachers, among whom 105 are senior or intermediate
      titleholders. The well-stocked library contains a collection of 178,000
      volumes. Moreover, the college has an adequate provision of teaching and
      research facilities, such as the computer center, language labs, gymnasium
      and campus network. In addition, it provides the students with
      well-equipped installations.
      It also possesses several production and practical bases like the Model
      Breeding Base, the Pharmaceutical Factory, the Animal Products Processing
      Center a nd 30 steady ones outside the college. At present, the college
      offers 35 specialities such as Animal Medicine Science, Pet Hygiene,
      Animal Epidemic Prevention & Quarantine, Pet Nursing & Cosmetology,
      Chinese Traditional Medicine for Animal, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary,
      Animal Nutrition &Fodder Processing, Biotechnology (Animal Husbandry),
      Aquiculture, Zooculture, Animal production & Marketing, Animal Drug
      Production & Quality Inspection, Environmental Protection & Monitoring,
      Animal Pharmacy, Animal Drug Preparation, Electronic Business, Economic
      and Commercial English, Economy & Trade, Network Engineering & management,
      Food Safety & Inspection, Agricultural and Animal Products Processing &
      Marketing, Animal Products Processing & Inspection, Dairy Production &
      Processing, Animal Products Hygienic Inspection, Operation & Maintenance
      of Farm Machinery, etc. With the guiding ideology of Reform, Innovation
      and Development, the college implements the teaching accordi ng to
      students'aptitude. It has trained a large number of students to be
      qualified personnel and gained fames in society. JSAHVC takes an active
      part in international academic exchange. It has established relationship
      with many countries.
      Nowadays, many teachers have been sent abroad for advanced studies,
      academic visits or joint research projects. Foreign experts are often
      invited to teach or give lectures. While the college is proud of its past
      achievements, it recognizes its great mission to provide China with the
      necessary skilled and qualified personnel and technologist, who are in
      great demand in modern society.

      Salary: 5,000-7,000rmb a month;
      Teaching Load: 16-20 hours a week;
      Ticket allowance: 8,000rmb;  
      Free apartment on campus; a
      Email: Office Number: 0515-83921121
      Cellphone: 155-7913-1221




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