ESL EFL TEFL Teaching Job in Danang Vietnam.
ESL/EFL/TEFL Teaching Position in Vietnam for Teaching English Abroad.

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The UD-UQ ELI is a joint initiative of the University of Danang, Vietnam, and The University of Queensland, Australia. It provides English language and communications training of an international standard in the central region of Vietnam. It is the o...
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Danang > Vietnam   
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Language School
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The UD-UQ ELI is a joint initiative of the University of Danang, Vietnam, and The University of Queensland, Australia. It provides English language and communications training of an international standard in the central region of Vietnam. It is the only IELTS Test Administration Centre in Central Vietnam.

The UD-UQ ELI is seeking professional, native speaker English language teachers to teach General English, English for Academic Purposes, IELTS preparation, English for International Business Communication and English for Specific Purposes.

A range of full-time and part-time positions are available.

*Essential qualifications
• Bachelor Degree
• CELTA or equivalent TESOL qualification
• Minimum 1 year full time (800 hours) relevant adult English language teaching experience
*Only applications meeting these requirements will be considered.

Desirable qualifications
• Vietnam teaching experience
• CALL experience
• Business/ Corporate English teaching experience

Key benefits for teachers:
• Competitive salary
• Funding for visa and work permit
• Paid holidays and sick leave for full-time teachers
• International standard, purpose-built language school
• Excellent resources
• Academic support by DOS and ADOS

Living in Danang
Danang, Vietnam’s fourth largest city, is located on the banks of the Han River, just minutes from the coast. It is easy to get around Danang as it does not have the traffic congestion and related environmental problems of larger Asian cities. Being on the coast, there are numerous beaches nearby and well-priced seafood. The World Heritage-listed city of Hoi An is 30 km away; the Imperial City of Hue is 100km away; and both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city can be reached in an hour by air. There is also an international terminal with flights to some Asian cities.

Go to for detailed information about UD-UQ ELI and the above position. Send applications, which address the selection criteria to Ms Lynda Beagle, Director of Studies, at this email address: .vn

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