ESL EFL TEFL Teaching Job in Nayarit Mexico.
ESL/EFL/TEFL Teaching Position in Mexico for Teaching English Abroad.

Job Title:
Beaches * Mountains * Jungles * Cultural - Nayarit, Mexico

"The Most Beautiful State in Mexico"

"Life has given me an opportunity to be selective in providing a diverse group of candidates for my schools. I have set a standard to ...
Job Location:
Nayarit > Mexico   
Institution Type:
Language School
Grade Level
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Monthly Salary
6000 pesos + accommodation   
Job Description
Beaches * Mountains * Jungles * Cultural - Nayarit, Mexico

"The Most Beautiful State in Mexico"

"Life has given me an opportunity to be selective in providing a diverse group of candidates for my schools. I have set a standard to meet the requirements and objectives that I have determined that are necessary for my schools and the students. It is extremely important for the schools as well as the candidates to be selective and prudent in their choices to best cultivate and nurture the environment, students, and the schools. I will continue with my goals to provide a superlative, trustworthy, incorruptible, respectable, humane, honest, chivalrous, Institution for my staff, students, and community."
The Owner

We are looking for Native English speakers from the USA. Full time and Part time. We are the BEST school in Mexico, and we are expanding rapidly. We have schools throughout Nayarit, and we are opening more. We are affiliated with SEP. The educational program in Mexico. We are looking for dynamic, fun, responsible teachers. No SMOKING, NO DRUGS, limited drinking. We want only MATURE candidates. You must be flexible, HONEST ,INTEGRITY, and respectful to the staff, schools students, and culture. NO SPANISH SPEAKERS. You must have no criminal background. We do an extensive background check. You must have a positive, outgoing, humble personality. NO back packer candidates need apply. Personal hygiene is of great importance. We expect full honesty in your resume and hiring process. You must reveal any handicaps, prescription drugs usage, and psychological issues. A 4 year degree or more is a plus but not mandatory. Be willing to learn new things. SERIOUS CANDIDATES ONLY! Please do not apply if you do not qualify. Make sure you are serious about your intent and ready to move to Mexico and work for 1 year. WE WILL PROTECT OUR STUDENTS AT ALL COST. WE WILL NOT JEOPARDIZE THEIR SAFETY IN ANY WAY. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS NECESSARY TO MAKE SURE THE CANDIDATE IS SUITABLE FOR THE POSITION. WE SEE OUR STUDENTS AS WE SEE OUR OWN CHILDREN.

School Locations: Tepic,(Paloma-Texas), Santiago,(Bob-California), Ixtlan Del Rio,(Travis-Florida), Las Varas,(Jeremy-California), Santa Maria Del Oro,(Jim-Florida), Compostela, (open), La Penita (Rachel-Arizona), Bucerias New Vallarta,(open), Los Mochis Sinaloa, (open), Mazatlan Sinaloa, (Jeremy/Paloma). Coming Soon: Tuxpan, San Blas, Nayarand by popular demand Colima area.
Some of these teachers will be transferring to one of our other new schools. They have the option to move to a new school if it is available.
Academic Director

"The state of Nayarit is a very beautiful state. We suggest you go online and research our state. There are several sites that offer great information. Nayarit is a small state located between Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. Vallarta is in the state of Jalisco, and Mazatlan is in the state of Sinaloa. We are rated 1st or 2nd always in safety. We are the safest state in Mexico. We are a very clean state, environmentally conscience, with wealth and beauty. We have the biggest Dam in Mexico, and provide the most water in all of Latin America. We have 6 museums. Each one uniquely different. We have the longest beaches in Mexico and they are mostly virgin. We rate 5th in the sales of shrimp. There are many shrimp farms. We have a diverse selection of food, with cuisine that is unique to Nayarit. We offer mountains, jungles, and beautiful beaches. The capital is Tepic. Our biggest city but yet quaint and not as big as one would think. You can walk the streets at 3 in the morning and no one will bother you. There are indigenous people and a lot of culture and customs. The arts and crafts as well as the music are very beautiful and cultural. We have a great respect for our Animal Kingdom, and revere our wild life. We have pyramids, natural hotsprings, waterfalls, and many Archaeological sites. Nayarit is full of mystique, mystery, mythology, and natural medicines. We have 4 indigenous Indian tribes, with the most famous being the Huichol. Our beaches allow you to touch and be close to whales, and the fish world. WE have many natural parks, with exercise facilities available. Nayarit it the best state in Mexico."
By The 6 pm Class (With our school for 8 months)

Our school is an established school and has very little need for advertising. Word of mouth all over Mexico has made our efforts well worth it. We have the main school in Tepic Nayarit. There are 150 students here, 2 to 4 teachers at all times,an assistant to teachers(Sergio), Security,a marketing Director and field assistant(Christina), a secretary/Field Auditor,(Sami),an evening Secretary(Paola),Principal/Teacher(Paloma), Director(Juan Pablo), and lots of animals.(rabbits, birds,fish,dog, cat, etc.) The groups are 10 students or less. We give a lot of attention to our students, and feel that big classes are a waste of time for us and money for the students. It is also very difficult for the teachers. We want our teachers to concentrate on making the classes dynamic and fun. This is why you do not have to do lesson plans. They are all done for you. We are based around the Chomsky approach. We have seen and proven it to be the most effective method and not new to the educational world. We have ages 2 to 65. The children (2-11) have their class from 4 to 5 pm in all our schools. They have 2 classrooms that divides them by age and knowledge. We are open from 6 am to 9 pm in Tepic. We have different levels of English. Our students are very involved in our school and the processes we go through.We are a student orientated school.
Secretary (student)

"The Laughing Coyote name comes from an Indian story about the Alamo. Many ask about the meaning of our school name. My family goes back to the beginning. My great uncle was Col.William Travis, the one in charge of the Alamo and died there. Gen. Robert E. Lee was my great Uncle, as well as George Washington was a cousin.I was raised with a lot of the Indian culture with it being in my heritage. I had the best of both worlds. There is a story about the Coyotes: when the battle was going on in and around the Alamo, The Spanish were playing loud music and making lots of noise. The Coyotes were in the background laughing at the way the humans were fighting and killing each other. They could not understand why humans could not all get along. So they sat back laughing at us. This is what the school in named after. If we could think more like them maybe we would look at life differently and appreciate what is important to us, and not take for granted what we have that is so precious. LIFE, FREEDOM, AND LOVE."
"Laughter nourishes the soul, tears cleanse the soul"
Paloma Teacher

We offer:
1. Full time:28 teaching hours. Compensation- 6000 pesos a month plus accommodation. Private bath. No sharing. You are the only teacher in that school and town.
2. Part time: 24 or less teaching hours. Compensation 3500-4000 pesos a month plus accommodation. Private bath. No sharing. You are the only teacher in that school and town.
3. Airport pickup within reasonable distance. Tepic has a great airport. Puerto Vallarta #2 choice
4. Mandatory 1 month training prior to starting classes to learn this system. (this training is non-paid)
5. Accommodation during training. There is a nice apt. above the school. Private Bath/shower, kitchen available.
6. International Diploma upon your completion of the contract.
7. NO LESSON PLANNING. We want you to concentrate on fun dynamic classes.
8. Chomsky method used in classes. Extremely visual and dynamic classes.
9. Cell phone provided to you for school. 24 hour contact and emergency situations.
10. All Material provided in schools except your personal pens or props.
11. Ongoing assistance in any and all situations or concerns throughout your stay. 10-12 month contract(contracts vary for different schools)
12. SCHOOL ID: We are affiliated with SEP, the educational program for Mexico. This provides you with many discounts throughout Mexico. 25 to 50 percent off on bus transport and other great discounts.
13. We supply you a bank card (visa) for use during your stay. It will contain compensation that belongs only to you with your own pin number. It can be used as a visa in most stores and online.
14. An option to open a bank account in your name, and ability to use it as you would with any other type of bank. No more worries with money deposits and transfers. Especially to and from the USA.

By Director

011523112125551 from the USA
Juan Pablo V Falomir MA Director


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Laughing Coyote School of English
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