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CfBT Education Trust is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation that was founded over 40 years ago as a provider educational expertise to a range of governments, from Germany to Morocco, Oman, Malaysia and Brunei, and English Language Teaching was and...
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Private School
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925 - 1,160 Omani Rials    
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CfBT Education Trust is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation that was founded over 40 years ago as a provider educational expertise to a range of governments, from Germany to Morocco, Oman, Malaysia and Brunei, and English Language Teaching was and remains an important part of their skill set. CfBT has long practical experience of assisting with education development worldwide, providing them with a unique perspective on the full range of issues in the education and training sector. CfBT is able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the needs of education systems, at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, in countries at all stages of economic and social development, including transition and post-conflict.

CfBT’s Head Office is in England and they have offices in Abu Dhabi, Brunei, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Malaysia and Oman. CfBT opened its Oman office in 1984. In Oman, CfBT have managed several large training contracts for the government and provide English language training to the private sector through our centre, the British Training Institute.
See the CfBT website ( for more information about CfBT’s activities.


CfBT has been working with the Oman Ministry of Higher Education since 2006 to deploy well qualified English as a Foreign Language (EFL) instructors to the Colleges of Applied Sciences in Ibri, Salalah and Nizwah.

The task of English language Instructors appointed to the Colleges is to provide students with the language and study skills needed to do their academic courses through the medium of English. Much of the teaching is concentrated on the foundation year, before students enter their main courses of study, and focuses on raising their language levels and students are given support in English language throughout their time at the college. The language level of the students varies with most students being at Elementary / Lower Intermediate levels on entry to the Colleges.

The normal working day is 8.00 am to 4.30 pm Saturday to Wednesday, with a maximum of 20 teaching hours per week. Non-working days are Thursday and Friday every week and Omani public holidays, as decreed by the Ministry. Days will be given in lieu if, under special circumstances, the Instructor is required to work these days. He/she may be invited to work during the summer term, in which case the Ministry will grant him/her additional remuneration.

Teachers within this programme work under the direction and management of the Colleges of Applied Sciences, and are deployed and supported personally through CfBT’s in-country staff including orientation, the sourcing of housing and flights.

About Oman
Oman is a moderate Middle Eastern country bordered by Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with historical links to both Portugal and Great Britain. One of our favourite locations, Oman is a chameleon: whatever you want it to be, it will become. If you are seeking a modern country, you will spot its cosmopolitan shopping malls of Muscat and well-equipped waters ports facilities. If you are seeking antiquity and tradition, you will observe ancient trading towns and smell the aroma of frankincense. Oman is a beautiful country, and, moreover, very unspoiled. Green hills, beautiful beaches, hot sands await you in a country that has a number of Unesco world heritage sites, mountains and deserts, and which shares weather patterns with both India and the Middle East. Welcoming to western visitors, you will find western food, wine and beer served in the international hotel bars and restaurants in the largest cities.

Muscat is the capital city and the old port town is dominated by the Sultan’s palace, buildings of the Royal Court and Government offices. Two well-preserved 16th-century Portuguese forts, Al Jalali and Mirani, guard the entrance to old Muscat, and the city walls contain three beautifully carved original gates. There are some stunning beaches, like Qurum Beach, Bandar, Al-Jissah and Yeti, as well as some beautiful gardens: Quram National Park, Riam and Kalbouh.

Nizwa College of Applied Sciences has a magnificent mountain backdrop and is about two hours from Muscat. Nizwa is well known for its fort and for its “souk” or market place. Here you will find everything from live animals to fine gold. It is also near Bahla, which is the home of a fort currently being restored as a World Heritage Site. Just past Bahla is another restored fort – Jabreen – which is furnished to give a clear idea of living conditions in past life. There are also Western-style hotels with pools and health clubs, and several restaurants.

Ibri College of Applied Sciences is a three and a half hour drive from both Muscat and Dubai in the UAE. Ibri is a small town with limited retail outlets to provide you with the basics you need. It is close to Bat, which is the site of ancient burial tombs. There are also wadis (dry river beds) near by, and a wilderness for exploring. There is a hotel with a licensed restaurant, and Nizwa is an hour and a quarter away, where Western- style hotels with pools, health clubs and licensed restaurants are available. While welcoming and very interesting, there are no international schools or hotels in the area and we do not recommend this area for teachers with dependent school age children or non-teaching or non-Arabic speaking spouses.

Salalah College of Applied Science is located at the far south end of the country about 1000km from Muscat in the famed Dohfar region, home of the frankincense tree. From June to late August the climate in Salalah is unique as it is the only place in Oman have monsoon rains. As a result, Salalah is a place where many Gulf citizens go to escape the summer heat. It is also the only place in Oman to grow coconuts and is lush with banana trees. The city is located on a large flat delta, backed by rolling hills. It is the place of Job’s tomb. It is a cosmopolitan city with restaurants, a good range of consumer goods and Western style hotels.

Native English speaker / English mother tongue from one of the following countries: UK, Ireland, US, Canada, South AFrica, Australia or New Zealand
Degree: BA, MA or PhD
Internationally recognised teaching or ELT qualification
Minimum 3 years experience teaching English as a foreign language within the past 4 years
Experience of working overseas; experience of working in the Middle East an advantage

• Due to visa restrictions, women cannot sponsor their husband’s residency so the male spouse of a female teacher must have his own job with his own residency. Teaching couples, however, are encouraged to apply.
• Due to visa restrictions, candidates must be less than 57 years old
• Candidates must possess good, verifiable and recent teaching references
• Personally, candidates must be confident in their teaching as well as adaptable and independent travellers. Because they are managed professionally by the staff at the Colleges, candidates must have a flexible and resilient attitude to work effectively within a different culture and management style.

Monthly salary, including allowances, of:
a) 925 Omani Rials for holders of BA-level degree.
b) 1,000 Omani Rials for holders of MA-level degree.
c) 1,160 Omani Rials for holders of PhD.
End-of-service gratuity according to Omani law.
End-of-year bonus: 50% of one month’s basic salary
All payments are currently tax-free in Oman.

Other Benefits
Fully-furnished accommodation, suitable to the family circumstances of the Instructor.
(Note – Instructors do not share accommodation. All have their own apartments or small houses.)
Air tickets to and from base country, at the beginning and end of contract, for the Instructor, spouse and up to 3 children under the age of 21.
Return tickets to base country for annual leave for Instructor and family, if contract is renewed.
Private medical and accident insurance for Instructor and family.
60 calendar days’ annual leave, plus public holidays.
Sick leave and compassionate leave according to Omani law.
Initial one-year contract, renewable by mutual agreement.
In-country support through CfBT Education Trust

Start: August 2008 orientation for a September 2008 start

To Apply

Send your CV and references to TEFL@TEACHANYWHERE.COM.
Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted.
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Teach Anywhere
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