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Art Teaching Resources for teaching English Abroad
Art Resources
What grade levels ?
Primary (Grades 1-6)
Secondary (Grades 7-12)
Other resources
Site Name Grade level Description
American Graphics Institute
Secondary Graphic Design Tutorials
Kindergarten Free educational printable worksheets
Secondary Free digital resource for teaching and learning in, through and about the arts
Khan Academy
Secondary Art E-Learning Videos
Apples for the Teacher
Primary Free Elementary Creative Arts and Crafts
The Art Junction
Primary Al Collaborative Art Space for Teachers and Students
Symmetry Explorer
Secondary take the images from any web page and creating a symmetrical work of art
Primary Art Activities created by teachers for online learning
Teacher LMS
Adult Free Open Learning Management System (LMS) for Teachers
PBS Off The Map
University Sited dedicated to Visionary - Outsider - Self-taught Art
Mark Harden's Artchive
University Art archive galleires with theory, criticism and reviews
A Lifetime of Color
Secondary art history, art games, hands-on activities and lesson plans for Art classroom
The Louvre Museum
Adult The is the site for the Louvre museum in Paris
Art Studio Chalkboard
University Resource for artists and art students for instruction in drawing & painting
Sesame Street Art Room
Kindergarten fun and interactive art games and topics for students K-1 with Sesame Street
Fun Brain
Primary Variety of of edu-taining art activities (online games) for grades K to 6
Jefferson County Schools
Primary premade art powerpoints donated by teachers for download & use in the classroom
Primary K-12 arts education materials for visual arts, dance, music and drama
Color Matters
University A very comprehensive site dedicated to color and the role it plays in our world.
Arts for Learning
Secondary planning, creating, and conducting classroom activities for art teachers
Primary resources that support the arts K-12 curriculum through technology
Education at the Getty
Primary art and art history lessons and curricula for K-12 and adult ESL teachers
Adult hundreds of art-related and general resources for online research
Secondary links to various artists to show examples of various mediums and styles
Art History
University Resources for the study of Art History
Hot Potatoes
Secondary call / elearning software to create online quizzes, games and activities
University education website with live and recorded video of contemporary visual artists
Educational Coloring Pages
Primary teachers can print and download pictures as flashcards to use in class
Design a Garden
Primary interactive creativity site that allows children to create their own garden
My Imaginary City
Secondary interactive art online to create imagionary scenes and places
Digital Art in Year 10
Secondary resource for secondary art teachers with four tested, downloadable units of work
Art & ICT
Secondary Ideas for using ICT with Art with support, examples, lesson plans, and resources
The Virtual Artroom
Secondary for art teachers at secondary level who want to integrate ICT into the classroom
Drag and Drop Portraits
Primary art activity-cutting up facial features and re-arranging to create new portrait
Picture This
Primary Guessing the contents of a picture from a small section of it-art activity
Fashion Worlds
University resources for teachers of fashion design investigates influences on fashion
Lecky's Picture Painting
Primary a flash animated painting game for young kids who paint a picture to match the example.
PBS TeacherSource
Primary art lesson plans along with video and reasoning / method behind the lesson
Primary Resources
Primary Lesson plans, activity ideas and resources for Primary teachers.


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