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ICT Teaching Resources for teaching English Abroad
ICT Resources
What grade levels ?
Primary (Grades 1-6)
Secondary (Grades 7-12)
Other resources
Site Name Grade level Description
Adobe Color Wheel
Secondary Color Wheel - Color Schemes - Web Design
Secondary Website Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes
Secondary Webstite Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes
Secondary Video Downloading Tool
Adult Private File Sharing
Stu's Quiz Box
Secondary Interactive team Jeopardy Game for all ages
Intel Education Initiative: K-12 Teaching Resources
Primary Free resources for educators to support collaborative student-centered learning
Symmetry Explorer
Adult take the images from any web page and creating a symmetrical work of art
Sound Snap
Secondary MP3 and Wav Sound files for presentations or websites
The Treasure Tree
Primary Online, animated, interactive rhymes, tales, Bible stories and activities.
Primary ICT/Computer Activities created by teachers for online learning.
Teacher LMS
Adult Free Open Learning Management System (LMS) for Teachers
Teach ICT
Secondary This site is dedicated to teaching ICT Computers at all grade levels
Primary This site is dedicated to teaching ICT at all grade levels
How Stuff Works - Computers
Secondary Answers to most common technology questions or explaining how computer works
Lesson Plans Page
Primary 2,500 lesson plans, primarily at the elementary level
Secondary ICT Teaching community learning tools with state-of-the-art multi-media graphics
Fun Brain
Primary edu-taining computer / ICT activities (online games) for grades K to 6
Color, Contrast & Dimension
Adult online tutorial to help designers with color and its use in print and online
Disney's Surf Swell Island
Primary Internet safety material is presented in a series of three games
The Internet Brothers: Tips & Tools
Secondary Tips and tools for the internet and ICT teachers
HTML Goodies
Secondary ICT Web HTML lessons for beginners and HTML tutorials
Primary animation to introduce various ICT topics in a fun, kid-friendly way using video
Vision of the Future
Secondary Information and ideas about the impact of technology on idividuals and society
Hot Potatoes
Secondary 6 computer applications for creativing interactive learning in the ICT classroom
Design a Garden
Primary Interactive website for students to create their own garden
My Imaginary City
Primary Computer game to create scenes and places for student imagination
Perpendicular Storage-Hitachi
Secondary animation explains what 'getting perpendicular' means in terms of data storage
Hippo Helper
Primary handy hints and lessons for teaching IT / ICT to primary age kids.
Big Brown Bear's Keyboard Game
Kindergarten keyboard game to help with letter recognition and to familiarise with keyboard
Primary Resources
Primary Lesson plans, activity ideas and resources for Primary teachers.


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