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    3 Helpful Tips to Teach Grammar for ESL Teachers

    Teaching grammar is an imperative element of school education. Without proper grammar, written or spoken words usually lose their exact meaning and much of their value as well. It is a significant part of language to get right for which, teachers take special care on imparting the real importance of it to their students. However, the task becomes much tough to teach in an ESL setting. One common way is to focus on the different forms and rules and helping students to le

    Useful Reading Strategies for ESL Students

    For ESL readers, learning to read can be difficult because it is a skill which requires time outside of the classroom to improve upon. Unlike writing, listening, grammar, and vocabulary, reading encompasses all of these skills and makes the reader have to comprehend English as a full language. Below are five key reading strategies to help any ESL reader to gain confidence in reading and improve their reading abilities. #1 Motivation The most important strategy towards r

    Essay Writing For ESL Learners

    If you have a choice of essay topics, then choose the one that is most interesting to you. If none of the topics interest you, then choose the topic that you think will be the easiest. There are many different topics that form concepts as part of a course of study. When reading the list of essay questions/ topics you will know which one is the easiest and most interesting because it is the one that you remember after reading and found the easiest to read. Analyse the es

    10 Most Common Idioms in English

    English is a language that inspires. Every English learner should know that only developing speaking English skills will fetch you barely any polish. A well-polished speaker is someone who knows and understands the in and out of the language. It should be 'a piece of cake' for you. Confused? Well, 'a piece of cake' is a famous idiom in the English language. It is used to state that 'it is that simple/ easy'. This article will help you learn and understand the ten most c

    Effectiveness of Drama in the English Classroom

    How effective is the strategy of drama in teaching extended written text within the English classroom? This report is divided into three parts - What, Why and How;

    Surviving Your First Year of Teaching

    When you decide to become a teacher, the truth of the matter is that teacher preparation programs give you skills and technique, but they simply do not teach you the reality of classroom teaching. As a new teacher, you may be caught off guard. You can become quickly overwhelmed when you first set foot in a classroom.

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