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    Important Factors That May Affect the Learning Process

    Learning comes in different forms and its importance varies from person to person. If someone is taking it lightly then it is something which is very easy to learn, but on the other hand some people think of it as an extremely difficult task to accomplish. However, teachers are always there to help to overcome the obstacles and make learning uncomplicated. They make learning easier for students helping them understand the knowledge or information better. Learning is a joint effort, as in most of the cases the process of learning involves both the learners and the teachers to make learning effe

    Bloom's Taxonomy: Conceptual Learning and Questioning

    Benjamin Bloom's Levels of Taxonomy was created for educators to plan effective instruction. Using the levels during lesson planning and creating assessments assists the teacher in reaching all modalities of learning. Using Bloom's Taxonomy's helped me understand how thinking was classified. There were certain areas I wanted to reach when teaching a concept and the classifications or taxonomy helped direct my questioning techniques. To direct the questioning of my lesso

    The Visual Learning Style - Skills, Techniques and Strategies for Visu

    Everybody learns through sensory perception such as touch, sight, hearing, taste, and feeling etc. However, generally we have a preference for absorbing and retrieving information in one of these ways. What that means is that, the format of the information stored will be represented in our minds visually, auditorily, or kinesthetically. For instance, if an auditory (hearing sense) learner listens to somebody talk they will remember the sound of the voice and

    Learning With a Teacher vs Learning by Themselves

    Learning on our own is possible if a person is persistent and determined to reach goals. But learning with teachers is loads of fun and you never know how naturally and easily the learning takes place - I personally have under gone a lot of both types of learning - but prefer learning with a teacher whenever I get an opportunity for that. This is because learning by ourselves is one of the most challenging tasks as we have to get organized ourselves, keep the self-discipline, time management, persist and keep up the dedication.

    The New Learning Environment

    Today, learn­ers are pro­lif­er­at­ing, but the instruc­tor pop­u­la­tion is strug­gling to match learner growth rates.

    English and Education

    Investigates links between debased language and failed education policies.

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