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Harvest Christian School International
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Cebu City,
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TESOL/TEFL Certificate Course in the Philippines
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About HCSI


Harvest Christian School International (HCSI) is a non-stock, non-profit mission school and educational ministry of John 14:12 Ministries, Inc. founded by God's humble servants, Sir Art Tangal and wife Aida, last June 1997. The desire to train future Godly leaders in the Philippines is the heart of the vision of Harvest Christian School International of Cebu, Inc.

Our Vision

“A transformed Christian community deeply committed to a life of integrity, loyalty, social responsibility, quality service and academic excellence” .

Course Description:

The TESOL Training course of HCSI is a 120-hour course.  It is designed to develop the teaching skills of the participant-student.  It has two (2) main components: language skills and teaching skills.

The school has adopted two (2) types of TESOL/TEFL training:  the on-site training and the online/distance course training.  On-site trainings are conducted in the premises of Harvest Christian School International (HCSI) in Cebu City, Philippines while the online/distance course training is done at the home or workplace of the student at his/her own pace. The online/distance course training is offered because of the difficulty of some participants to attend and complete the course in an on-site environment as most of them are working professionals.  Enrollment in the online/distance course training is anytime during the year.  After completing all course module requirements, the participant-student will then be given a TESOL Certificate by Harvest Christian School International (HCSI) either in the school or in the mail.


Since the Philippines is a developing country, our FEE for the course is socialized as follows:

For Filipino Citizens: (within the Philippines)

    P  9,990.00 pesos for online/distance course training*

     P 14,990.00 pesos for on-site training

For Foreigners :

     US$ 250 for online/distance course training*

     US$ 500 for on-site training     

*all online/distance course training are with tutor support


Harvest Christian School International (HCSI) is a real school with physical campus duly accredited to operate regular basic education courses by the Department of Education of the Philippines . It also offers ESL (English as Second Language) courses, SELIP (Special English Language Immersion Program) courses, Performing Arts, Speech and Short-term Business Certificate Courses. Its main campus and school facilities are located in 24-B Tres Borces Street, Mabolo, Cebu City , Philippines ( It is accredited for Excellence by the National Association of Private Schools (NAPS), Oklahoma , USA   and is a member school of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA . 

The TESOL/TEFL Training Course of HCSI is recognized worldwide though the course is not a credit course in the Philippine educational system being a pioneering course. The school has linkages with various colleges and universities in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, etc. The school is not, in anyway, involved in recruitment of teachers abroad as it is not an employment agency though it assists its TESOL graduates how to be placed abroad.


To enroll in the course, the participant must be a college graduate of any four-year bachelor's degree course, must be proficient in the English language both written and oral. For participants who are native speakers of English, completion of Level 12 or High School or International Baccalaureate Degree is required for admission. A transcript of records and a 2X2 ID picture is required upon enrollment.


  1. Applicant fills up TESOL Enrollment Form

  2. Submit duly filled up TESOL Enrollment Form to the school either via :

    •  Internet to school e-mail address: or in attachment form (.doc type) Greetings to: “The Admission Director”


    •  Post Mail, LBC, Fastpak, FedEx or DHL to the following School Address:

    The Director


    24-B Tres Borces Street , Mabolo, Cebu City , Philippines 6000

    Tel. 6332-231-0208; 6332-232-9608 Cell No. 09194968240

    (The School will review your application and will inform you via e-mail of your acceptance.)

  3. Pay related training fees in full to the school through the following manner:

    •  Deposit or Electronic Transfer to the School's bank account in any METROBANK branches nationwide:

Account Name: Harvest Christian School International

Current Account Number: 007-099-52192-5


Bank Address: M.J. Cuenco Ave. , Mabolo, Cebu City , Philippines 6000

(Please inform the school via e-mail of the deposit/transfer made for confirmation. Note: You should remit the full amount. The school will not shoulder any bank charge. Official Receipt will be issued later. Please keep a copy of your deposit slip or transfer slip.)


Account Name: Harvest Christian School International

Savings Account Number: 099-2-09900528-3


Bank Address: M.J. Cuenco Ave. , Mabolo, Cebu City,Philippines 6000 SWIFT CODE: MBTCPHMM

b) Or you may pay through any branch of LBC or Western Union and call, text or e-mail the school office through the Director, Arturo N. Tangal for the tracking number; or

c) You may pay through Paypal/Xoom by clicking the following button:  

 Buy Now

d) Or you may pay personally at the school through the school Cashier if you are residing in Cebu City , Philippines .

4. Submit also your Transcript of Records and 1 pc. 2X2 ID picture before the start of the course. You may submit this together with your Enrollment Form.


5. Once your payment is confirmed, the first course materials and instructions on the mechanics of the course will be sent to your e-mail address via the internet. The course can be finished within two (2) weeks or less if you choose to. However, you are to complete the Online/Distance Course Training within six (6) months from receipt of the first batch of modules. The  course worksheets can be answered online through the internet via e-mail, through correspondence via post mail/airfreight or by sending it personally to the school if you are living in Cebu City . It is preferred that you answer the course worksheets through e-mail. See to it that you indicate your complete mailing address, e-mail address, telephone no., mobile phone no. in the Enrollment Form.


6. Transfer from one type of TESOL training to another is strictly not allowed. Example: From On-site Training to Online/Distance Course Training or vice versa.

7. All fees paid to the School by students/participants are non-refundable.

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* Contact Name:
* Contact Email:
Private -Join Free
Contact Phone:
6332-2329608; 6332-2310208
Contact Address:
24-B Tres Borces Street, Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines

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