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10 Great Mobile Apps for Teaching English

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    10 Great Mobile Apps for Teaching English

    10 Great Mobile Apps for Teaching English
    Admin - Oct 15 2016

    You can engage students for learning as a teacher from your mobile handset right now. Discover how.

    We are in the era in which a lot of digital devices have been discovered, smart phones, laptops and tablets being among these discoveries. How have these devices really helped in the teaching sector? Well they come with apps in hand or one can download apps with them. These apps make teachers and students efforts to teach or learn English as a second language extremely affordable and easy. They not only ease your work as a teacher but boost your productivity too. There are a lot of mobile apps that English teachers can find useful for every platform to help in teaching important learning stages like:-

    ·                Vocabulary building.

    ·                Reading comprehension.

    ·                Pronunciation and many more.

    All you require is an android or IOS phone and you can commence scaling your heights of performance.

    Here is a list of 10 mobile apps among many that you would find useful in your journey of building your English teaching career.


    Nothing makes a wonderful match like education combined with entertainment. In these times, no one offers such sounding quality than the ALPHABYTES group. The application is available on the ITUNES store. Shall you not learn and teach superbly easy with this app?

    Students love pictures, at least the greatest research conducted on human psychology states so well that pictures make a great memory bank. For teachers this shall be the core of your teaching because it makes sure that all core teaching aspects are put into practice.

    This app uses animations for learning shapes and sounds of letters. This is a fun aid which makes sure that the students are always engaged. Not only do the students watch animated sequence with sound effects but they also learn how to write upper and lower case letters. A suitable app for TEFL/TESOL/ESL teachers because it ease their work when helping students understand English. It is a plus and it is highly recommended for the teacher.


    2.   YOUTUBE

    We all know YouTube that's why I thought this should have been my number one app. You tube has helped people learn a lot of things from scratch and as a teacher this too should be a must get app. Why should you have it? If you are having a problem for example at any point of your teaching journey you will find that you are complemented  by another teacher at the other corner of the world who is a pro in the same field. There are a lot of English lessons uploaded by other teachers that you can use to boost your knowledge. Tutorials provided by the YouTube should be a must refer to your students.

    In most cases, as a teacher you understand that visual aids in learning anything is a necessity. YouTube fills up that space and provides first hand and high quality information for teaching English.



    This app is used by teachers to help the students work well on their English pronunciation. It contains quizzes, flashcards, and native-speaker audio features to help students more. They also help students learn phonetics quickly and accurately.

    Phonetics Focus? More than just phonetics teaching and learning. Nice app! I recommend, this app has really been a great tool for teachers and students learning and pronunciation. Recommend it to your students make learning even more easier.



    Speaking pal has made learning teaching English simple and fun. It makes sure that the learners do not get bored while studying, thus gives you mini lessons. It has a speech recognition feature where you get instant feedback on every word and sentence you make. You are also given fun quizzes to test and improve your English skills, and you get engaged with video lessons too.

    Use the speakingpal product, refer students to use it for the purpose of complimenting what you deliver in class.



    5.      BUSUU

    As a teacher looking for an app that is going to help you teach English in the best way ever then Busuu is the place to be. Busuu is a fun and easy app that i would recommend to every teacher to teach with. It helps you learn English on the go and you are guaranteed of quality lessons. You also get a chance to meet with over 60 million users among them native English speakers. They are here to learn, teach others like you and they also correct you thus also known as an interactive app. Busuu will help you as a teacher sharpen your skills and teaching English for you will be as easy as blinking.



    6.     BABBEL

    Teaching English has never been easy but with babbel definitely it is. It focuses mostly on vocabulary. Its teaching technique however is, you learn language by completing and repeating phrases. It has four main areas that it focuses on which are- sound recognition, picture recognition, spelling and filling in blank spaces. As a teacher when you are done studying then passing this knowledge to your students will be very easy.





    Have you told anyone your story?

    Story telling can be very helpful especially if one wants to improve their spoken English. For a teacher, use this app by recording a video of yourself giving a story while putting your own photos, or get them from the web. Then when the story is complete you can go ahead and share it with your students which helps them improve not only their English speaking skills but also listening. An amazing app right? Get it and let’s share all the adventurous stories we have.




    As an English teacher, a dictionary is a must have in your book list. But you don't have to carry the actual bulky book all around, because you can hook yourself up with a dictionary app and this one here is my number one in my dictionary list. Why do i love it? Well, it is an organized app thus saves users time. You also gets meaning of words and also shows how this words are linked with other words in terms of synonyms, opposites and other same words. Teachers who wants to boost their productivity believe me this is a must get.



    9.   MY WORD BOOK

    This is a notebook app that makes learning English easy interesting. One thing i loved about it is, it is organized in a very nice manner, as a notebook in fact. As a teacher you get to learn words in the English language through flashcards, something that you can share with your students too. You also choose a topic of your choice at a time and learn. I mean there is a lot here to learn thus make sure you get it and see what am talking about.





    Have you made students like you? Here is the app you need to share and use.

    As a teacher you will not only love this app but you students too. Why do i say so? Well it is a very easy app to use and a very convenient one too. Practicing and studying words using this app is the best thing ever because it is easy. It can be customized too where students can put their own words list or use the computer generated one. Not only is it easy but total fun here in spelling city. Get it dear teacher and let’s fly our way to the top of English world.




    Remember there are a lot of English app these are only a few that I could sample. The goodness they come along with is something I cannot exhaust. Smart phones being portable means you get to study anywhere and everywhere and without carrying the initial bulky books. Also with fact that there are apps like you tube it totally means English learning is on another level. I urge you to go ahead and get some.

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