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How to Find the Best ESL Jobs Today

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    How to Find the Best ESL Jobs Today

    How to Find the Best ESL Jobs Today
    Admin - Dec 20 2015

    If you already made up your mind to become an ESL educator and are on the prowl for a great ESL job, the likelihood that you will find the best career path for your current credentials, needs, and preferences largely depends on two things: your willingness to do your homework and your commitment to meet the work requirements and jump into the ESL bandwagon. The homework largely consists of doing exhaustive research online and probing friends or contacts within the ESL community. After all, to find the best ESL jobs, you’ll need to know where and how to find them. Seeking and checking out online sites and people with strong industry-knowledge will lead you to the best ESL jobs you are craving for.

    Getting an ESL Job

    But beware of pitfalls during your search. Not all ESL-focused websites and industry “authorities” can be trusted.  On the contrary, a lot of ESL websites and online resources are bogus and irresponsible, tapping only the growing demand for ESL-related materials to make money by luring unaware online seekers to visit their sites. To help you land the best ESL jobs today, here are some pointers that should help:

    1. Do an extensive research of available ESL jobs in your country and abroad.
    2. Consider your options once you have created a shortlist. Ask questions that will help you narrow down your search further. Do you prefer to work abroad or have a local English teaching career? If you wish to work abroad, which places do your prefer the most? Which employers do you like working for? What is your teaching style?
    3. Match your credentials with the requirements and qualifications set by the ESL jobs you are eyeing for. If you have not acquired any certification for TEFL/TESL yet, now is the time to search for the appropriate institution in your area. Note that most lucrative jobs anywhere require TESL or TEFL certification from accredited institutions. While at it, updating your personal travel and employment documents at this stage will also help eventually.
    4. If you have identified the ESL job you want and is qualified for, you can start researching on the country you will be working in as well as the particular employer you prefer.
    5. Have a plan B. The ESL/EFL industry is widely known as a high-turnover field, which means it is rare for practitioners to stay in one place (country, employer, school) for an extended amount of time. Be prepared to become highly mobile and develop not only the technical teaching skills but also other relevant skills in the profession such as traveling and cultural skills. ESL is also an industry that sees a lot of bright-eyed newbie teachers getting devastated by the grim realities of the game. There have been reports of fake travel documents being used and holders being heavily fined then sent back home. There are also reports of teachers working for months without getting paid. While being prepared to handle any of these possibilities is critical, it is also important that you limit your chances of getting exposed to scams and other industry pitfalls by diligently doing item 1 (extensive research).

    Remember, the ESL industry will certainly increase in value as the demand for English teachers spike up around the world. This means that paid EFL/ESL teaching jobs will also be increasingly more available in both native and nonnative English speaking countries. The trick is to never let your career be solely based on a throw of the dice. Choose and develop your own path even if this requires more effort. Learn the professional skills and teaching methodologies you need while getting as much certifications or teaching licenses you can from accredited institutions. Psyche yourself up for great achievements because the ESL universe is rapidly expanding and has ample room for success stories.


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