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10 Mobile Apps for English Language Learning Discovered

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    10 Mobile Apps for English Language Learning Discovered

    10 Mobile Apps for English Language Learning Discovered
    Admin - Sep 01 2016

    Mobile apps have brought a revolution in this digital era. There are a lot of applications found in apple app store, android play store, windows app store and many more, and the number of downloads in these apps in a month has shot extremely high in numbers. These apps range from radio apps, books and precisely, there are apps for everything and anything that you might need. That being said learning apps have not been left behind. There are several apps that can help ESL/TESOL/TEFL teachers teach English and also recommend them to their students because as we know the number of people with smartphones according to statistics is very high. There are a few advantages that comes along with these apps.

    I. Efficiency: the essence of having these apps is to make work easier. They are well organized in topics therefore very friendly and efficient and this saves time too.

    II. Convenience: phones are portable and them having these apps means that the learner can study anytime anywhere without necessarily having to carry the bulky books or study materials.


    1.     BUSUU

    This is the best app for me. Why do I say it is my best app? Well it comes with a bit of a twist. Here you get to talk with native English speakers in a bid to practice how you speak English. Unlike other apps where you go through most lessons and topics alone. Attached to each lesson you learn there are some key vocabulary, a lesson where it is a one on one conversation, a writing practice session, a session where you are recorded after saying English words out loud and many more.

     In short there is a balanced way of learning English. This is the best app I would recommend, get it and get to enjoy its goodness.



    Dictionaries have been like the best book for every English lover from way back. This is because they offer great support and never disappoint. It is a good now that we have an app (the book itself is a bit bulky). It is a bit expensive but worth it because it contains full oxford dictionary, thesaurus with an audio feature. I would recommend that you get it.



    3. FLUENT U

    This app too has its uniqueness in that it pictures real world videos for example music, talk shows or news and turns them to a teaching tool. If you search for a word, you get the words meaning followed by diagram illustrations.

    It also gives you exercises both questions and pictures that helps you learn fast. It also keeps record of the vocabulary that you are learning. An additional thing is that it is an audial- visual app therefore highly engaging, rewarding and fun.

    The goodness of this app is something I cannot exhaust get it because it is a must have in your phone.



    This one I would probably recommend to starters. It teaches basics or rather tentacles of the English language first before building to more complex taxes. Rosetta does not explain English words in your native language, it teaches English with English. This method of teaching that Rosetta use is for example you are given the word girl, boy, class all words and pictures. Then they take you to a step where they build a sentence using those words, a girl and a boy are sitting in a class. Simple right? Get it and believe me it is a plus.



    This is another 'let's learn English' app that also uses effective learning methods. It also tries to solve the problem of forgetting words learnt after sometime and this is its uniqueness. How does it solve this? They have spaced repetition software (SRS) that helps you to review words just before you forget them. It makes sure that you encounter with 1500 important words for daily use. For a beginner or a TEFL/TESOL/ESL teacher this is a must get I am sure you will love it.



    It teaches English from other languages thus one can learn very fast because you can easily relate with your native language. If you have never learnt English before no need to worry because taking 20-30 minutes a day you can move from speaking no English to talking simple English and to the top level native form of speaking the language. Within a short time. Let us meet in Duolingo world and get to scoop its goodness.


    7. MEMRISE

    Its main teaching criteria is using creativity and funny ways in learning to help you remember what words mean. It also links you up with other learners and you can be able to view their work. You can also come back and revisit your work in case you tend to forget. Get this app and let’s learn English language.



    As the name suggest it means that it is interactive which also means that it is entertaining. It contains of short lessons of approximately 5 minutes thus no boredom and also students can be able to study when idle. It also does contain a speech recognition software. All students get one and thank me later.



    This application is very efficient since it has different levels from A1 (beginner) - C2 (Native). As you go up and through each level you encounter different courses for different users. There is Business English, English for presentation, and English for day to day interactions and interview skills thus said to be a well-organized app. There is also a dialogue part which is so engaging. In short it teaches in a detailed manner and to be a champion in English get it.



    Here, a student is taught in a conversation mode. How do they do this? They teach through video dialogue and one gets a chance to learn 20 lesson through this mode. If you want to learn more on how to converse in English this is a must get. Let us meet in iTunes and get this amazing app.



    There is a lot of these apps and for sure they have not only made English easy but fun too. You no longer have to struggle with memorizing English vocabulary, reading massive difficult books no those are long gone days. Find the app among these top and hot 10 that suits you and let’s walk together in this English highway.

    You have the greatest gift of the 21st century and that is the gift of technology. Use It.

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    Thomas on Sep 11, 2018 05:58 am said:

    Hi my friends? I am Thomas and I am a ESL teacher.These apps are awesome, I never thought I would see such technology, this is great.Since I am planning to go to teach in Colombia,my students are going to be surprised and very happy to make their learning experience very easy and worth studying.Our future is going to be a great one.Thanks to you all.

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