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Teaching Online Effectively - Being an Effective Online Teacher

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    Teaching Online Effectively - Being an Effective Online Teacher

    Teaching Online Effectively - Being an Effective Online Teacher
    Admin - Jun 17 2018

    The teaching profession is known to be among the most outstanding occupations that are in the world. Apart from paying well, teaching is understood to be a lifetime success. However, any individual can be a teacher, but not all will be regarded as effective teachers. By having a degree in the teaching profession, it does not guarantee that an individual will become an effective teacher. To be able to teach effectively it does not only entail assisting students to study the required information to ensure they attain good grades or proceed to the next level, but it involves transforming the life of the learner. Thus, an effective teacher is one who nurtures skills and talents in learners such that they can meet their goals.

    10 Principles of Effective Online Teaching: Best Practices in Distance Education


    Principles of Teaching Online Effectively

    Doing online teaching for the first time is similar to driving a vehicle in a foreign nation. An individual will know how to drive, as knowing how to teach, however, it is somehow hard to remain on the left side of the road while driving because an individual is not certain how long it will take for a mile. Also, disappointment may arise if the road signs are in the unfamiliar language. By learning about the best practices in online education, a person will have the knowledge and understanding of the ‘rules of the road’ for online learning and teaching. The principles are as illustrated below.


    Presenting Yourself and do the Teaching

    The relevance of this statement lies with the misinterpretation that for an online class, it will teach itself. Because a big part of the course has been designed and authored for online use, the tutor may think that they are just required to act as the monitor on the side as students undertake the learning. However, this is not the case; the instructor has to show up and provide direction to the students lively.


    Cultivate Proactive Management Plans for the Course

    The online tutor has to develop a successful learning experience by employing practical strategies in course management like inspecting the submissions of assignment, instructing students and notifying them about upcoming deadlines.


    Creating Outlines of Course Activities

    Even if the surrounding of online class will offer great flexibility regarding the place of study and time of study, developing and instructing on the pattern and pace of coursework can assist the student and the instructor. Additionally, it will minimize confusion concerning the operation of the course.


    Planning for the Unplanned

    During the teaching process, there are times when there can be small or big unexpected occasions and having a plan for notifying your students of such changes can be a relevant means of upholding the continuity of the course.


    Requests and Expectations of Responses

    It is necessary to have timely feedback from the tutor so that the student is in a position of managing their learning experience. It is important that the tutor responds to the inquiries of the students within the shortest time possible, say within a day.

    Best Practices for Teaching Online


    Thinking before you Write

    Majority of the experienced online tutors can explain about various stories of how they were in a misunderstanding with a student because of lack of understanding and pretext of the intended message. Therefore, an online tutor is expected to observe special care such that they are clear and concise in every way.


    Assist in Promoting the Forward Progress

    Students who undertake online classes will highly depend on how assignments and exam grades are returned timely. For this, it assists them in nurturing and supporting positive forward progress during their studies.


    Safe and Secure

    The tutor is expected to utilize the learning management systems that are supported by the institution as this offers an increased level of confidentiality and security. Nonetheless, it preserves the business of the institution under the recommended confines.


    Focusing on Quality

    It is the responsibility of the online tutor to develop strategies that address the quality of learning for the students. This can be through systems performance, designing of instructional strategies, content resources etc.

    Boosting the Online Connection

    The technological infrastructure is one of the key aspects of the online classroom that occupies a significant role in enhancing the satisfaction of the student and the instructor. The tutor should ensure they have an online email for communication or develop an online group on social media sites such that they can converse anytime regarding class work.


    Preparing Students to Study Online

    Students who are new to the online platform will have difficulties in adapting to it as they are used to the physical space of the classroom and getting assistance from the physical presence of the tutor. In reality, students will claim that the online course has a heavier workload as they are required to cover all the coursework by themselves and give their comments. For this case, the online tutor has to prepare students to adapt the online learning. This can be through:


    Clarifying the Terminologies and Skills

    The tutor is expected to give guidelines concerning the technological requirements, the technical and hardware expertise to carry out the online course. The students have to be issues with a detailed worksheet that instruct on how to undertake technical skills for the class. The tutor should instruct on how to search for info online, the way of posting an assignment or message and the way of accessing course materials.


    Explaining the Difference between Online Learning and Traditional Classroom

    The online instructor is expected to inform the students about the required time to undertake online classes and its relevance in working independently. The tutor should discuss the need to write and read during online classes as all assignments are offered in written format and students do not have the opportunity to ask questions. The work of the online tutor is to give extensive details on the assignments for the class and students have to be careful readers to understand the class work.

    Deal with the Concerns of Students Regarding Anxiety on Cyber-Culture

    The tutor has to support comments and questions regarding technology. A survey can be used to evaluate the technical knowledge of the students at the start of the course.


    Clarification of Expectations

    The tutor has to publish on the class homepage about the guidelines of participation. For instance, the days in a week they have to access the course website.

    They should be a conspicuous and detailed course outline. The students have to be given a considerable amount of time to undertake every assignment as per the requirements.

    By practicing the above strategies, the online tutors will develop the skills and knowledge that are capable of overcoming the hindrances of online teaching. These strategies will drive them to be effective online teachers.

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