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    Classroom Discipline Problem: Fix It Today!

    All teachers have discipline issues at times. Kids are kids and they simply are more interested in each other than they are in your class. Think of discipline issues as challenges and tackle them immediately before they become chronic problems. How? Ask yourself these questions over a cup of coffee and a piece of cheesecake. Question 1: "Which of my non-negotiables is being broken in this situation?" Your non-negotiables are the behaviors that must be present in students before you can do your job. Often teachers don't really take time to think about what these are and to share them with stude

    Classroom Organization Ideas (Part 4): Techniques for Supplying a Succ

    In my other classroom organization ideas articles, we focused on organizing the teacher and student's desk for optimal learning. This article describes techniques for getting the most out of student supplies used every day in the classroom. All schools are different, but most teachers have to develop a system for maximizing their resources regardless of their supplies budget. If you're out of ideas, I hope this article provides some valuable tips for your next teaching year.

    Dealing With Difficult Participants - How to Handle the Talker Or Know

    All trainers have to manage difficult participants at one time or another. Whether the difficult participant is a talker or know-it-all, a fighter or arguer, a quiet or withdrawn person, a complainer, an unconsciously incompetent person, a distracter, or a rambler, the trainer needs to know what to do and what not to do when handling the behavior, and how to avoid taking the behavior personally. This article will discuss the talker or know-it-all.

    Classroom Management - Putting Into Action Non-Verbal Signals

    Have you ever counted how many times in a day you are asked to go to the bathroom, get a drink of water, sharpened my pencil or I have a question. How many times you verbally tell students to be quiet. Stop being frazzled and wasting valuable teaching time. Teach your students to use non-verbal signals as part of your classroom management plan.

    The Number One Secret To Getting Your Worst Pupils To Behave

    There is one true key to successful behavior management. It doesn't matter how many effective teaching skills and useful behavior strategies you have in your arsenal; without this, your efforts will eventually come unstuck. The secret ingredient is…

    Classroom Management-Are They Bluffing Or Faking?-Read Your Students B

    Just as children can read your body language you can learn to read theirs. Learning this will help you to predict if they have a change in their behavior or they have just changed enough to get you off their backs. Kids are very good at bluffing and faking their behavior. One of the best ways to tell if a student is faking is to read his body language.

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