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    10 Rules for Achieving English Fluency

    Rule 1: Use Synonym Swaps - The Strength of Simplicity I'm sure you know what synonyms are. If you don't, a synonym is simply a word that has the same or nearly the same meaning as another word. For example, 'funny' is a synonym of 'humorous'. This rule is all about using synonyms to expand our vocabulary and make us sound much more fluent. We all use some words too often in English. Even native speakers do it. This can make you sound like you are repeating yourself. F

    Helping to Scaffold Instruction for ELL Learners

    Abstract: How to assist in getting English language learners help by building strategies into your lessons, and using these tools to create vocabulary and increase fluency. Scaffolding Instruction for English Language Learners As in any good building, if you want to begin properly, you need to build a solid foundation that will support it through the construction process. Similarly, if you want a student to build a foundation of knowledge, you need to construct a base

    Higher Order Thinking - From Mediocrity to Success

    Have you ever thought about the progress we have made over the past few centuries? We've discovered medical breakthroughs. We've engineered machines which can do things we can't do. We've created laws to advance our society. We've designed computers to make our lives much more efficient. We've created many technological advances haven't we? Actually no, we didn't create them at all. Significant contributions to technological change have actually been made by less than 1% of the population. The rest of us simply follow the lead of those who create the change. So what is the difference between p

    How Languages Create and Control the Mindset and Behavior of People!

    Most people still today mistakenly regard the arts and crafts of individual societies as their "culture." Arts and crafts reflect culture but they do not create it and they do not transmit it. You can view and collect Chinese artifacts or Eskimo artifacts all your life and you will not become fully conversant with the cultures that created them.

    Cheating and How to Avoid Cheating

    Education, which has become vital for the survival for any civilization must be dealt with care and dexterity as his education later molds the personality of a person who dwells among millions of people and can influence their lives.

    The Best Way to Learn English

    One of the questions most often asked by students learning English as a second language is, What's the best way to learn English? The answer to that question is simple.

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