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    ESL Learning Methods

    There are 8 main ESL learning methods: These learning methods are; active, reflective, visual, verbal, sequential, global, intuitive and sensing. Active Learners Active Learners learn best by being involved in the lesson. This means having lots of discussions in class. It also means that the teacher must give active learners a chance to participate. When studying, it is advisable for active learners to make their own ESL study notes and then have a discussion with frie

    How I Succeeded With a Lower Performing ESL Student

    The lower performing ESL student needs two important things to reach success - a good solid reading program and lots of opportunities for positive reinforcement. Making a remedial reading class work is just like any other class, only the rate of success is sometimes too often slower and not always easily felt amongst the ESL teacher.

    Educators Report Immersion is Making our Children Ill

    No child, not yours, not mine, nor the child of someone we do not even know, should ever have to go off to school feeling anxious. Perhaps it is the first day of the school year jitters or knowing that you will have to take a spelling test for which you are not prepared. Nervousness over school does happen some days for some children.

    Discover How To Appeal To Your ESL Students\\\' Learning Styles

    Enrich your ESL lessons with an understanding of learning styles and how to implement activities that appeal to all styles. Traditional teaching methods tend to neglect kinesthetic and tactile learning styles and are often dry. Find out what you can do as a teacher to reach out to all your students and be a more effective teacher, while massively enlivening your classes.

    Discover How To Appeal To Your ESL Students

    Learning English as a second or foreign language can be difficult for some students. There are several different ways to learn, and many people benefit from a wider approach than the traditional methods employed in most classrooms. Adding games and activities that appeal to all the different ESL learning styles along with your standard curriculum can transform your lessons and make the time more productive for all!

    English As A Second Language

    The English language is the most commonly spoken language on Earth, either by native speakers or by people who have learned it in addition to their first language. More and more people everyday have the desire to learn English as a second language.

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