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    Learning Styles May Be a Myth, But Learning Preferences Do Exist

    A lot of research has been done to discover if there is any truth to the idea that there are actually "learning styles." The studies have found that there is no scientific basis for learning styles. Instead, they found that people were able to effectively learn using either visual, auditory and/or kinesthetic sensory modalities. It may be a fact that there is not a scientific basis for learning styles, but any trainer can tell you in truth that there are certainly learning preferences. If you ask a group of participants how they learn best, you will get a wide range of answers that fall neatly

    Transfer of Learning Importance and Types

    Why do parents send their children to school? Why are you reading this now? Why does the government spend tax payers money in funding public education? Why does the teacher teach principles, concepts, facts, etc? Is school learning relevant to real life situations? These questions are focusing on the usefulness of education and learning to the learner and to the society. This is the subject of transfer of learning. Parents send their children to school because they believe the school can transmit desirable attitudes, skills, knowledge, behaviors and attitudes to the children. The government fu

    What Is the Cone of Learning?

    How do you learn? In what manner of learning style do you pick up a new skill or habit the best? In my learning journey, I've come across various learning technologies and philosophies. One of which I believe to be worthy of highlighting as a timeless guideline of learning for humanity is the idea of Edgar Dale.

    An Introduction To Learning Styles

    We all have certain preferences when it comes to receiving information. Some of us like to learn exclusively by reading books, while others favour discussing ideas with other people to help themselves understand a topic or problem. Recognising what your preferences are is generally considered a good way to improve the way you perceive and process new information.

    Monkey See, Monkey Hear, Monkey Do - Which Learning Style Are You?

    In this time of being a full-time student and attending classes at my local TAFE SA campus, I have come to the realisation that I just cannot for the life of me, sit still and listen to a lecture for an hour or more. After even just a short period of sitting, I become restless and start wriggling around in my seat, crossing and uncrossing my legs, rolling my head from side to side, back and forward and round in circles to exercise my neck, I partially stand

    The 8 Types of Multiple Intelligences and Its Principles

    Multi intelligence states that intelligence is the original biological potential of human-specific capabilities. This potential varies with experience, culture and the motive to understand the different ways.

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