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    The New Paradigm: Early Learning

    In today's society, a pervasive view still persists that a person's intelligence is innate, fixed by the genes, and cannot be altered significantly by the environment, be it the influence of parental nurturing or early childhood education. Apart from the overwhelming anecdotes over the Internet of parents who swear by the success of their early teaching efforts on their little ones, some as young as babies, scientific evidence has been steadily accruing over the years to point to an indisputable fact: There is a critical stage in the early development of a child's brain when the right environm

    Encoding for Excellence: Helping Your Students Get a Strong Start on L

    Let's face it; learning is complicated. In fact, the more we learn about learning through research, the more complex and nuanced our understanding of the processes involved gets. The good news is that we have, in fact, learned a great deal in the past few decades about how the brain goes about committing new knowledge and skills to long-term memory. The bad news? Much of this information is sitting in obscure journals on dusty library shelves and sitting on websites on

    Bloom's Taxonomy: Conceptual Learning and Questioning

    Benjamin Bloom's Levels of Taxonomy was created for educators to plan effective instruction. Using the levels during lesson planning and creating assessments assists the teacher in reaching all modalities of learning. Using Bloom's Taxonomy's helped me understand how thinking was classified. There were certain areas I wanted to reach when teaching a concept and the classifications or taxonomy helped direct my questioning techniques. To direct the questioning of my less

    Reactive Or Reflective?

    There are three well-documented parts of the brain: (1) reptilian; (2) mid-brain; and (3) forebrain. They are like the layers of an onion, with the reptilian brain being at the center.

    Pillars of Learning

    Throughout life you and I learn through many avenues. While in school and at work assignments and tasks are made which rely on your capability to learn. Since positive change happens, the learning is continuous.

    Effective Learning - Four Keys to Success

    You can significantly enrich your learning by incorporating the following building blocks.

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