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    Educational Problem Solving!

    A problem is 'a situation that presents an opportunity to make a difference in making things better' and problem solving is the process involved in the conversion of a 'current situation' into a 'desirable future situation'. Any thought process that thinks about ways of increasing quality of life or avoiding a decrease in the quality of life is actually being involved in the process of 'problem solving'. The area broadly defined as Problem Solving usually consists of u

    Critical Thinking: Evaluating Patterns of Thinking

    This article is written with the intent of fostering more effective written and verbal communication. Are you reflecting (thinking) right now about the degree of validity and accuracy of the pattern of thinking shared in the first sentence? If so, then you are engaged in critical thinking!

    Increase the Permanence of Student Learning by Using The 3 Kings: Feed

    For students to remember and be able to retrieve the information you are covering it's essential that your lesson plans always include time for these: feedback, processing and repetition. If you don't include these 3 techniques your lessons are destined to be quickly forgotten. Ironically, as teachers are increasingly pressured to increase student achievement on test scores, the amount of time spent of these 3 kings of learning is lessening.

    Using Brain Research to Solve Learning Problems Permanently

    Tutors, learning centers, medication, and special resources have been used to help students with learning disabilities advance through school. Using brain research, a new learning technique can permanently solve learning problems so outside help will no longer be necessary to succeed academically.

    Get Good Grades - The Two Parts to Your Mind - What Exactly Do They Do

    I have often talked about the conscious and subconscious mind without actually explaining to you what they do and how they work. I know there is nothing worse than sitting in a classroom without having a clue what the teacher is talking about, so I apologize, and here is my explanation for you.

    ABCs of K12 Critical Thinking

    Characteristics of Learning - Knowledge Transfer Learning is all about thinking. In order for knowledge to be acquired a certain level of thinking must take place. Those levels are also called the taxonomy of learning. Taxonomy can be compared to a ladder; the higher you go on the taxonomy the deeper the level of thinking taking place for the individual.

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