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    Four Steps to Effective Learning

    Each learner and each learning experience is unique; yet educators can identify patterns in the learning process. Designing effective learning requirements requires a clear understanding of, and attention to, both commonalities and differences in the learners and the learning.

    Creative Studying Techniques Increase Grades and Interest: 2 - Making

    Okay, so you're not doing as well in a class as you'd like. You have classmates, possibly friends, who get better grades and seem to put in less time studying. What's the deal? Are they smarter than you? Or is it possible that they study differently. Maybe they even utilize different behaviors and techniques in class. Not everyone is born a good student, but like anything else, practice and experimenting with creative studying techniques can improve your performance.

    Four Stages of Competence Learning

    This article is base on the learning theory. This article has four stages of learning which helps every individual to learn and apply their skill. All the four stages are described in detail in this article.

    Multiple Intelligences in Your Local School

    Are you aware of this reality? - - "95% of all that has ever been known about the physiological workings of the brain has been discovered in the last ten years." - - International Brain Dominance Review; Vol. 7, No. 1, 1990. Unfortunately, more than 18 years after the above observation, all colleges and school systems have not yet helped their teachers and parents to use powerful new research on how students learn.

    Superstar Teaching - The Proper Uses of Homework

    One of the hottest topics in education today is the issue of homework. It affects teachers, parents and students alike. Homework does have a purpose but in recent years teachers have abused its application. If teachers would return to the proper use of homework, I believe homework would no longer be such an ugly word.

    Learning is a Lifestyle-Why You Can\\\'t Turn Your Back on Learning

    In today's society, everyone must think about "Future Proofing" them selves. There was a time when leaving school marked the end of learning. Unfortunately, it's not like that today. What you know, understand and can do when you start work becomes quickly outdated.

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