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    Back to School Basics for Teachers

    Well, so much for summer break. The teaching grind is just around the corner. Yeah, yeah, two months off isn't long enough, but hey, it's pretty good. So, now it's time to start getting in gear to go back to the professional attire and mindset, early morning rising, and don't forget to get your bladder in shape so that one daily visit to the rest room will be enough. Okay, let's go down the checklist for the things you'll need to get prepared for the inevitable day: 1. Don't forget to wait until the last minute to get your teacher supplies at the teacher store so you'll have time to make an ho

    Coming to America: Adolescent English Learner's Journey Through Identi

    Coming to America may seem lightheartedly amusing and exciting in the 1988's Eddy Murphy comedy film, but to an adolescent it can be a time-sensitive challenge he or she needs to quickly resolve in order to secure her place in the new land and in the new developmental stage of being an adult. Identity formation is a complex process, as Erik Erikson put it, "located in the core of the individual and yet also in the core of the communal culture; a process which establishes, in fact, the identify of those two identities" (Erikson, 1959). But if identity formation are intertwined in such a multifa

    An Overview of a Classical Education

    One method of formal instruction uses the 'classic' approach. A classical education includes a three-part system to lay the foundation in a student's mind. The Grammar Stage The grammar stage encompasses the first five years of school, from kindergarten through the end of the fourth grade. During this period, scholars receive basic instruction that lays the groundwork for additional learning that will occur later. During this period, children are typically eager to lea

    Contrastive Linguistics: Rhetorical Study of Social Deixis

    The aim of this study is to consider the way of utilizing one subcategory of deictic expressions, social deixis, and its various kinds and also the consequences of cultural differences between English and Persian languages on using them, were analyzed by employing the contrastive procedure: Three types of comparisons were done. In order to do this study, approximately 10000 words (30 pages) from the beginning part of each novel and the translated version were chosen.

    Role of Schooling in Shaping Children\\\'s Future

    Schooling is an important and major phase of every individual. A strong and sound base can build and shape the future of tomorrow's citizens. Education gives the best results when it is made interesting and truly purpose-oriented for the child's overall development.

    The Problem of Equivalence in Translation Works

    Translation is the act that renders knowledge, whether literary or scientific, a mobile form of culture. Such mobility, in turn, is what gives human understanding a deep and lasting influence beyond the borders of its original setting.

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