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    Porous and Permeable - Essential Characteristics of New Teachers

    Across the nation it is becoming more and more difficult to recruit classroom teachers. It is not that we are lacking in young folks with special ideology for making a difference in the lives of children and adolescents, it is just that the job is exceeding tough with ever-increasing expectations plus the salary is generally quite low when compared with other professional opportunities with equal education. In addition, no matter how hard a teacher works and applies him/herself, kids are the variables - some get it; some don't; sadly, some won't. But having taught students, future teachers, an

    Six Steps to Be a Successful Teacher

    The challenge to deal with students well is one of the reasons why becoming a teacher is never boring If you're an elementary school teacher, you're dealing with children that prefer playing games to studying subjects. If you're teaching at high school, it's very hard to deal with children in puberty periods. Even, if you're a lecturer, you face more challenges too because college students often think that they're already an adult and feel they're right mos

    How Do You Motivate Teachers to Be More Effective? A Legitimate Scient

    Research journals are filled with strategies to motivate students to increase student engagement and performance. It seems to me, an important prerequisite question isn't asked enough. That is, how do you motivate teachers to be more effective? If teachers aren't motivated to improve the performance of their students, the students are not likely to be motivated themselves. To motivate teachers it is important to understand more about motivation.

    Teaching Workshops, Online Teachers Teaching

    Most new teachers starting out in the classroom are aware that while it is important to raise academic standards of today's youth in classroom all across America, it is the professional experience and support that they need especially in their first year of managing a classroom.

    CELTA Courses - FAQs

    If you're interested in teaching English as a second language to adults, you'll probably have heard of CELTA as you've been researching, but what is it and is it for you? These FAQs should answer some of the common questions about CELTA.

    Teacher Certification Test Preparation

    A Teacher Certification Test is required for all professional educators. For most, this test is crucial for the future of their careers. Thorough preparation is therefore necessary months before the scheduled test. We have compiled several helpful tips for the Teacher Certification Test Preparation.

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