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    Engaging The Disengaged Student

    The A.C.T. Strategy Part 1 of 3 Prison. Juvenile detention centers. The mean streets of the city. All of these things and more are possibilities for kids these days. I know, because I've been there myself. One simple, stupid mistake made when I was a teenager led to four hard years in a correctional facility, and during that time I spent nearly every day feeling like I had completely destroyed my chances of having a life. It's a harsh, empty feeling and one that nobody

    Making Life Easier For A Teacher

    There are companies out there who are busy working on new technologies because they want to make life easier for the teacher. You can argue until you are blue in the face about whether this should be done, but this is something that is going to have with innovative technologies. Now, lets take a trip down memory lane, a trip to when you were at school. The year is 1990 and a teacher's job is very hard. Let's look at the day from their point of view. They go into the classroom and manually take the register. Now, the class begins. They are on their feet all day because they have to work at the

    Teaching Passionately

    I attended a graduation this past weekend. As the dean of the school of education confirmed the degrees I thought, what number of those students who selected teaching as their career really have the passion for teaching. Do they have the right stuff to be a teacher? What does passionate teaching look like? Personally, I think it is a calling. Teaching is something you pour your heart and soul into. You care and you admire. Teaching should be a fun and colourful. Your s

    Education: What Makes an Effective Teacher? It Takes a Village

    How do we measure the effectiveness of a classroom teacher? This one needs answer, right? And, answer/s must come from the people in the know. Does it mean he/she must have a doctorate degree--- or PhD, after his name?

    Are Tenured Teachers Destroying Our Educational Institutions?

    People who do not work in the educational system are often surprised when they learn about the tenure system. After all, in most professions a person is held accountable for their skills, initiative, and effectiveness, regardless of how long they have been employed.

    Remembering Why We Teach in Public Schools

    I've said it before. In public education, there are more sad stories than happy endings. Even so, after graduation this year I have to admit that the happy endings might outweigh all that bad stuff. Well, not really, but at least for one glorious day, you can take a look at what accomplishment looks like.

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