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    How the Teacher's Schedule Can Improve Student Achievement

    Elementary schools that still schedule students into self-contained classrooms could be depriving their students of a better education. Teachers in self-contained classrooms are not always the most qualified people to teach all four core subjects (literacy, social studies, math and science). In addition, teachers in self-contained classes are generally not confident in teaching all four subjects. Schools should seek other ways to schedule their teachers that better sup

    What Type of Literature Are Schools Teaching?

    The act of not learning can be most evidently noticed through boredom. When one is bored, one does not learn. Boredom impedes on a students ability to learn because it indicates a lack of motivation to internalize the material. However, a student's boredom does not necessarily reflect poor teaching methods on the educator's part-thought it can-it can also be caused by numerous other factors. External factors such as a social issue or internal factors such as a learning

    Extrinsic Motivation in the ESL Classroom

    Extrinsic Motivation – What is it?      We all have been there.  A student in class is not involved, not giving their best or just plain bored.  What do we do?  Do we keep plugging away, trying everything that we can to get that student reinvigorated with the current lesson?  Or, do we possibly appeal to something that is important in everyone’s life?  That all important factor is, or many times can be, extrinsic motivation.      Extrinsic motivation is something that drives people every day and in every field, subject, and workplace imaginable.  For example, why did you go t

    Goals For The First Year Teacher - Part B

    This is the second and last article in this series. Here, I will explain what I mean about each goal. Your first task is to examine your skills in relation to these goals and decide which need to be addressed first, i.e. which skills need the most development. If you have a teaching mentor or teaching 'buddy', they may be able to help you prioritise these goals. You must have a written list of goals which are in a place where you see them often.

    Education References

    Education is very crucial in the growth and development of your child. Given this fact, you should look for references to help your child in this endeavor.

    Reaching the Heart of the Learner

    One of the challenges we face as educators is to discover a way to captivate the learners. The mind needs to be fed a proper diet of information, the emotions need to inspire our students to learn and the will needs to bring about the discipline necessary to assimilate the information into paradigm shift and ultimately lifestyle change.

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