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    Relative Clauses (4) - Prepositions In Relative Clauses

    In formal styles, we often put a preposition before the relative pronouns which and whom: Example: The rate (at which) a material heats up depends on its chemical composition. Example: In the novel by Peters, (on which) the film is based, the main character is a teenager. Example: An actor (with whom) Gels on had previously worked contacted him about the role. Example: Her many friends, (among whom) I like to be considered, gave her encouragement. Notice that after a preposition you can't use 'who' instead of 'whom', and you can't use 'that' or 'zero relative pronoun': Example: Is it right tha

    The Ying and Yang of Grammar

    Where to start with grammar and language learning? If you're a language user (the odds are good if you're reading this article), there are two ways to approach grammar and language use. The prescriptive grammar approach tells you how you should use the language. Think of a prescription the doctor writes, telling you to take pills once a day with food for five days. The descriptive grammar approach is used to describe what really happens with language out on the streets

    English Lessons on Commonly Misused Words and Phrases

    Are you looking for English lessons online? Are you taking up EFL or ESL and you are still confused with some words or phrases? A lot of times, these commonly misused words are so because they sound alike or they are pronounced very similarly. It really sometimes does not matter if you misuse some words or phrases but for the sake of not sounding funny and to not have somebody pick on you, then here are some words that are frequently misrepresented.

    Difference Between The Simple Past And Present Perfect Tenses

    Difference Between The Simple Past And Present Perfect Tenses

    English Tenses - Made Simple

    English tenses have proven themselves to be one of the most confusing subjects for an English learner. But they don't have to be. Here is a simple and practical explanation.

    Four Methods of Teaching Students to Spell

    Teaching someone to spell can be rather difficult and challenging. Traditionally vocabulary quizzes and memorization were the methods many educators chose. Today, with increased technology and access to spell check, people have shied away from these more conventional ways.

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