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    The Counselor's Seat: The Rightful Place of Instructors

    One of the Herculean but mouth-watering duties of an instructor is assuming the role of a counselor. Despite the fact that an instructor's primary goal is to impart academic knowledge in the field of content delivery, s/he has a secondary and an all-important task of shaping the moral behavior of students. Thus, an instructor's role is holistic centering on the total development of the learner. This explains why instructors are normally painted with the phrase 'shapers of future leaders'. Metaphorically, students are like a herd of cattle while teachers are herdsmen. As fragile, senseless, and

    Which Is The Best Teaching Methodology?

    Different educational institutes have different ways of teaching. Some of these are teacher-centric while the others are student-oriented. There is a constant debate on which of these is the best teaching methodology. A quick scan and understanding will help us understand: Teacher-Centric Teaching Methodology As the name suggests, this methodology mainly revolves around the teacher. The attention is completely on the teacher who teaches by giving lectures and demonstrations either using a blackboard or a technological tool. The students are passive in this scenario and are usually the listener

    Teaching the Way People Like to Be Taught

    Efficient Teachers are not just aware of the right content to be delivered but also are aware of the strategy to deliver that content. Teaching or Instructional strategies are a teacher's compass when it comes to effective involvement of the students in the process of knowledge absorption and assimilation. This in turn has a direct co-relation to knowledge retention. Teaching strategies range from low involvement of the learner all the way to extremely high levels of learner involvement. Direct Instruction - Lectures, Drill and Practice, Demos are examples. The teacher in these settings is in

    Visualization- An Essential Method For Teaching Modern Languages

    In order to make a language class successful one has to try to match its content with various methods aiming to make studying exciting and engaging. The usage of modern technological equipment ought to be taken in consideration when preparing teaching materials for a language course.

    A Role Play Activity with Distance Learners in an English Language Cla

    In recent years, language teaching has focused on the learning process rather than the teaching of the language. The emphasis is not only on linguistic competence of the language learners but also on the development of their communicative ability. In order to develop the learners' communicative ability, the teacher needs to create a scenario to teach the target language in a vibrant, active and interesting manner.

    Touchy - Feely (Concrete vs. Abstract)

    Ever wonder why kids hang on to their teddy bears, binkies, blankies, etc. for so long? Have you ever wondered why they don't understand a story you've told them? Because kids are touchy-feely! Children do not actually understand abstract ideas until around age 8. They will be able to pay lip service to something abstract earlier, but most don't actually understand the concept until around age 8.

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