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    Is explicit formal instruction a hindrance or a facilitator?

    Is formal instruction a hindrance or a facilitator? At the height of the Communicative Approach, Task-Based Learning and approaches whose emphasis was not on grammar, to reject or even suppress explicit formal instruction became fashionable. Some (Krashen, 1982; Prabhu, 1987) even went as far as claiming that it was at best ineffectual and at worst an obstacle to L2 learning. However, Pavesi’s studies (Pavesi 1986, in Carl James 1998: 244) have shown that ‘instructed learners (adults especially) demonstrate higher ultimate achievement’. Also, Harley (1993: 245 in Carl James 1998: 244) po

    Instruction That Works With Reluctant High School Students

    A 2013 Gallup Poll found that about 45% of high school students are not engaged in school. Disengagement significantly lowers achievement. This is especially true of urban and rural youth. While there are school remedies, here I want to focus on classroom instruction that makes a difference. Give students control over their learning. Allow them track their own progress using simple lists and graphs. This empowers and motivates students. Allow students to check the answ

    Teachers, How Stopping Can Actually Make You More Productive In The Cl

    Taking a few minutes out of our busy school day just to stop and be still can be hugely beneficial. Yet stopping feels counter-intuitive when we are rushing around - teaching, preparing for the next class during our break time, playground duty, catching up with parents, meetings after school and so on. It can be hard to find time for a quick coffee, let alone actually stop for a minute! However, when we get into the habit of stopping for a few deep breaths, we can actu

    Teaching Multi-Ability Classes - Some Strategies

    Throughout their career, most teachers will have classes of students with a wide range of learning abilities. This means they have to cater for all these students. They cannot use a 'one model fits all students' teaching pedagogue. This article looks at four different approaches to teaching most types of classes. An experienced teacher might use all four approaches, at different times, to get the best learning outcomes for each class.

    Randomizing Class Choices: Breaking Up the Monotony

    Much has been said and written lately about providing students with choices. I'm all about any methods which will improve student involvement in class, giving them ownership in their learning. There are many ways to give students choices, options, or just to provide random results and change up the monotony.

    Oppositional Defiant (ODD) Students: Must Have Methods

    If you are a teacher who finds that "nothing works" to manage some students, this article may help. It's way past time for you to learn about ODD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

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