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    The Different Stages of Reading

    In English we translate sounds into letters when going from a spoken message to a written one. Reading is looking at letters and translating them back into spoken sounds. Picture someone reading out loud. Sound really easy? You might be surprised at how common sense the 4 basic stages of reading progress are from here.

    Reading Comprehension: The Key

    There are many solutions being promoted for improving reading comprehension: memorization gimmicks, word association, "speed reading," context clues, selecting out main ideas, drinking coffee, and so on. Of course, anything that works for an individual is valid, but sometimes within a towering stack of ideas the most important gems of wisdom get squashed or lost.

    Redefining Reading - eReader Textbooks

    There is no doubt that reading textbooks helps form careers. With technological innovation, catching up with the multi-million dollar textbooks market, the market movers have introduced eReader textbooks for the benefit of the students. They believe that the age will soon arrive when the students will dispense with their pen and papers and, instead, read through the eReader books.

    Extensive Reading: What is it and Why should we be doing it?

    What is meant by extensive reading? How does it differ from other forms of reading such as intensive reading? In the following paper the basic features, principles and benefits of extensive reading to language learners, especially those studying English as a foreign language, will be discussed. In addition, some basic tips on implementing an extensive reading program within an small college or school setting will be given. It is hoped this paper, although not exhaustive, or even unique, will provide teachers and administrators interested in extensive reading with some useful and practical i

    The Missing Ingredient in Reading Instruction

    What if there was one simple thing you could do to ensure your child would read well and enjoy reading? What if that thing didn't cost a penny? Would you be interested? Of course you would. Here it is. The one thing you can do to improve your child's reading is to...

    When Reading is Stupid; the Why, How and What to Do About It

    As we are about to embark on a teaching career we as English teachers need to be aware that our students will not always share the same enthusiasm and passion we have for reading. Jeffrey Wilhelm's article "When Reading is Stupid; the Why, How and What to Do About It" is therefore of particular relevance as it discusses the issue of how teachers can motivate their students to read more.

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