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    Fun Reading Activities For Any Occasion

    Finding reading activities is easy, but finding activities that make reading fun is a lot harder. Many children are turned off reading at a young age because they are forced to dissect each word and sentence without taking the pleasure of the story itself. However, it is easy to find ways to engage your child in day-to-day reading beyond just sitting down with a book at bedtime.

    The Importance of Story Telling in the Digital Age

    The story book is almost as old as Guttenberg's printing press and the telling of stories is an ancient pursuit. Though, we live in a digital age the story is still an integral of part of teaching as ever and really profits children in a range of important ways.

    Learning to Read - Correcting Mistakes at an Early Stage

    When your young child is learning to read you should be mindful to make the process fun. Learning to read is one of life's most important skills and success will be achieved with a sensible yet enjoyable approach. No child should see reading as a chore; it should be a creative, exciting journey that allows their imaginations to blossom.

    Tips and Strategies For Decoding Words in Early Literacy Lessons

    The classroom procedures for introducing new vocabulary involves, to a great extent, the three R's: review, repeat, recycle both on sound and meaning levels on beginning, ending and middle sounds and those respective sound clusters. Planning in this respect should evolve around simultaneous practice around decoding and retrieving a word's meaning.

    Literacy Based Designs in Classroom Furniture

    One of the most important things a teacher can do is to develop in children the desire to read. In Kindergarten through second grade students are learning to read. From third grade on they are reading to learn. No matter what grade classroom you teach in, having literacy based designs in classroom furniture can help enhance in students the desire to read.

    How to Differentiate Reading Fluency Practice

    Educators value the importance of reading fluency practice. However, practicing repetitive reading passages with one-size fits all fluency recordings does not meet the diverse needs of your students. Instead, save some money on expensive fluency programs and truly differentiate your fluency instruction.

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