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    Language, Literacy and Communication - Using Photos, Stories and Songs

    The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Language, Literacy and Communication Learning Outcomes are designed to encourage the development of fluent communication through speech and to begin familiarising children with the written word to encourage early literacy. Children need a working knowledge of the structure of language and a fairly wide vocabulary in order to be able to make sense of the written word.

    Elementary Education - How to Teach Young Children

    Elementary education is so important as it provides the basics upon which all other education builds. Without these basics, children will struggle throughout their school education, causing unhappiness, stress, and perhaps behavior problems. This means that elementary school teachers need to help all their students as much as possible with these basic topics.

    Rule 2 For Elementary School Teachers - Teaching is All About Learning

    How did someone like me end up an educator with a book on the rules of teaching and learning? It's really only natural. I have always been a student and even now at the ripe age of 92 (if you count principal years like dog years), I am still a student both formally and informally.

    ABCs of K12 Critical Thinking

    Characteristics of Learning - Knowledge Transfer Learning is all about thinking. In order for knowledge to be acquired a certain level of thinking must take place. Those levels are also called the taxonomy of learning. Taxonomy can be compared to a ladder; the higher you go on the taxonomy the deeper the level of thinking taking place for the individual.

    Mind Your Manners - Teaching Children

    As a child I knew my place. I did not interrupt adults when they were talking, I said please and thank you, and I understood that as a child I could not confront adults. In some respects I kept my place out of fear and in others out of respect.

    What Kindergarteners Should Know

    It is so important for every child to be prepared for the educational field. A good way for sucess is to be prepared. Parents can find the expectations of their child's grade and help them achieve those standards.

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