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    Are native speakers better at teaching their native language than non-native speakers?

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    Native speakers who have a degree in teaching and the language he/she speaks can be a great teacher, but language teaching requires specific knowledge and skills.Kristine in Russia
    No, it actually depends on the teacher itself. I remember I used to have a native teacher of English in a private school in the past and his lessons were boring and not very well prepared. He just relied on the fact that he was a native, and that was a mistake. Now, are native teachers more attractive when employing a possible candidate? Yes, and if I find the right candidate and that teacher happens to be a native speaker, i would employ that person for sure. Let's learn how to differentiate between good teachers and fluent speakers of the language. A great teacher should have both.... Pablo in Spain
    Non-natives of a language understand structure and can communicate. Natives understand nuance and context as well as cultural idioms which non-natives rarely master.Alan in United Kingdom
    Yes, of course. Anyone who speaks the language natively is going to understand it deeper and thereby teach it better.Tim T. in China
    Non native speakers had to learn what their students are learning..And if they re really are fluent, they were successful.Kelly Horgan in United States
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