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    Are online TEFL course certificates worth the paper they are written on?

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    As re-interated by others you need the classroom pracs, observed and some face-to-face tutoring. Teaching, like surgery, is not something you can fully learn online only. As a recruiter I would say online TEFLs are only applicable if the CV is also supported by considerable teaching experience. Jon
    Unless the online TEFL certificate program comes with observed teaching practice by someone, it is difficult to say they are worth anything because there is no chance to put the theory into practiceEric
    Any class needs to be evaluated objectively if it is a Online TEFL or any subject. Anyone who states a \"no\" has not taken an online TEFL class, nor have they looked at the dozens of options. Every major university in the US offers online classes, they offer real degrees that have the same weight as they have for 200 years. A good Online TEFL class should have:
    1) a university professo
    2) a class full of students with peer to peer interaction
    3) solid curriculum with homework, quizes, tests, finals, projects, at least 100 hours of classwork
    4) be an accredited class
    5) have an external practicum (practice teaching) with real ESL students, at least 6 hours but 20 is requested by employeers
    6) video component
    Bruce Jones
    On-line TEFL courses are of no value at all when teaching English to foreign students. There should be a basic minimum of teaching practice hours before the TEFL qualification is awarded.Peter
    Of course a formal in-person, classroom based TEFL course is going to be more interactive, and probably more intense. However, online courses serve a basic purpose: impart basic knowledge in a readily-accessible format. It\'s a way to get your feet wet, and equip you with the bare-minimum to get you into the classroom.karyn
    yes they are but you must gain practical teaching experience in order to survive in real classroom
    I\'ve learned loads of useful things from online courses and they were wonderful.Maison
    Online TEFL course certificates are not really valid in most countries but are just used to meet basic teacher qualifications requirements. The courses impart only the bare minimum of techniques and teacher training.Stuart
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