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    Are teachers fairly compensated considering the importance of their work?

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    There has been such a push to evaluate teacher compensation and to do away with teacher unions. Additionally, you have the UK saying unqualified teachers are acceptable now and the US laying off massive amounts of senior teachers which is creating a loss in knowledge to be shared with a dwindling new generation of teachers that see more opportunity (and less stress) in other careersEric
    I have gone to many cultural awareness classes, finished a TESOL certificate, yet I have not gotten any more remuneration for these efforts. aleph06
    Since returning to the UK my first employer paid £8 an hour and I spent 2 to 3 hours a night preparing for an EAP class. This was four years ago and I believe that it is still the probationary payment. I thought that schools offering such a low remuneration would be few and far between, however I have recently come across two schools in the north west offering £7.50 and £8. Shocking!Donna
    I earn roughly the equivalent that I would as a state school teacher in my home country. I would be paid more (at home or abroad) if I took on more professional development - fair rewards are there if you are serious about the job.DarylM
    With the enormous amounts of responsibility and pressure, the compensation is no where near what it should be in order to stop the high turnover.Steve
    The teachers who focus on improving themselves and their skills find their wages reflecting this commitment and work.Chris
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