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    Are teachers from the US, UK, Autralia and New Zealand better than other teacher coming from other countries?

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    Very good question. I am not from any of the aforementioned countries, but have found myself cringing at the grammar of some of these (aforementioned countries) natives. I was watching an NHK tv morning program recently, where there was this American assisting in correcting English grammar. He approved a sentence which had \"....has taken was......among others. I\'m not perfect but my beeper went off. I think ESL teachers from the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand are considered to be better because they are from some of the largest English speaking countries of the world. However, they are not. Also, being from a country where any language is your mother tongue doesn’t make you a good teacher. Teaching is more than speaking a language. TEACHING IS A SKILL.Speaking from experience. Bon
    country, caste, religion or color is not a basis for stating if a teacher is good or not...Imparting of knowledge is the prime ingredience of a good teacherstan
    As a Canadian I can say no, American teachers are not better than teachers from other countries. In fact, American teachers have a bad rep in Canada.sam
    I teach at a Saudi university and most students prefer Americans to South Africans. They list a variety of reasons from better sense of humor to more content knowledge. Most SA\'ers I know are an uptight, pretentious lot. One is an obnoxious know-it-all who is sadly lacking friends.Mark
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