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    Can learners of English practise English listening, speaking and vocabulary effectively on their own using self-control?

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    There are many excellent English websites now that are interactive. In addition, independent learning is vital for effective development. Students can pause - rewind - play again - forward and in some cases do a range of learning activities. Many websites have links to other websites, provide resources, facility to blog teachers, and tests. Yes, if we can not trust students to learn on their own then what we do as a whole of class is also not portable. The main aim is to build learner autonomy and this is where long term understanding takes place as students learn by applying what they have learnt. One last point is mobile phones are often banned n a classroom - but if students use them without being told to - why can't we utilise them as a learning tool - rather than see them as not having a role. After all, language use is not confined to the classroom - for example, it could be a great example of teaching abbreviated language. If we can not trust our students to learn independently then we need to do more to build that trust.Perry Walsh
    It requires a good attitude to learning in general but some learners prefer this way of practising because they can focus just on the most difficult areas as long as they want.Judith
    I would have to say no because most students do not have the discipline for self-learning unless there is an outside motivator. It is kind of like doing chores. If the parents didn\'t push them or give them allowance, would they really clean their room or make their bed?Cindy
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