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    Can you teach english overseas without a teaching certificate?

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    My main issue for not wanting to teach in China is the pollution. Nothing else fases me about China.\r\n\r\nI am going to teach in Saudi Arabia in two weeks. I have worked in Bangkok for four years. I go to each country with no pre-conceived ideas of each country and envelop the culture.Waasifah Williams
    There are thousands of schools and English texts books that know and teach English and are not in the loop to this so called Certification racket. Who gave them the ownership authority to say who is qualified to teach in Foreign Schools? No one. In fact it would be a good idea to not be TEFL ESL certified. Many so called Accredited Agencies are in fact less qualified than people who do not have a TEFL, ESL. I have been teaching for 10 years in China, and have my own classroom center. And there are thousands of teaching jobs that are never filled, because Foreigners from the West do not want to come to China because of political reasons..and the fear they have been brainwashed into believing about China.TESL and ESL are but another roadblock and hurdle they make students believe they must get through or jump through in order to teach. Everyone is an individual, and have their own way of teaching. Do it that way instead of being a TESL, ESL Simon Says do this.DJ
    It is possible to teach English overseas without a TEFL certficate, the only requirement is to be a fluent English speaker. With a TEFL certificate you would be able to find jobs abroad easier. If you havent had any teaching experience doing a TEFL course will give you skills and confidence to be able to teach abroad. i-to-i
    Dont believe any site that says you cant teach without a \"teaching certificate\". They are wanting your money and that\'s it!!! If you arrive in China, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Mexico, and Japan.....all the schools care about is that you are a foreigner who has a good handle on the English Language. I have been teaching for 16 years and will say most of the teachers I meet, do not have a \"teaching certificate\" let alone a college degree. If you have a few thousand dollars in your pocket, just show up and tour the will find a position within a few days, almost guaranteed, with the countries mentioned above. If you are American--just think outside the box--your services are desperately needed and as long as you are still breathing and conscious, then you will be eligible to become gainfully employed with the country of your choice.Joe
    Previously the TEFL industry was a little more relaxed and rules could be bent. With higher unemployment and less possibilities for university graduates, there seems to be more requirements because there is a larger employment pool to pick from. Better safe than sorry. Get the certification.Martin
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