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    Could we just skip TEFL training and replace it with a certification test like TKT or a basic grammar and teaching techniques test?

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    I would say that TEFL serves a valuable purpose for preparing teachers but it needs to be (1) more standardized so that it is understood WHAT was taught and (2) there should be a requirement for continued personal/professional development after completing a TEFL.Eric
    But we should stop online tefl-courses and convince governments that teaching is more than speaking a language wellLisa
    Tests don\'t evaluate your ability to perform. Just knowing grammar is not enough to teach well.Kim
    TEFL trainings do not have an equivalent rank comparing them to an official certificate like TKTMaría Marcela Barrueto
    Having a test that tests our basic knowledge would be more relevant than all the varying types of TEFL training, most of which are just quasi-recruitment agencies.Tom
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