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    How important is having a Bachelor\'s degree for teaching overseas. Does having a TESOL certificate and teaching experience make you better qualified to teach and get job offers?

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    Well I am the one who posted this topic. I have the certification, but lack the experience, but my hubby was the same and got a very good job in beijing cause he had a degree. Do anyone know of places that would hire a person like me with no experience but willing to train me up.LizelleA
    I have been teaching in Asia for a long time and the reason I say this is most schools and institutions do request a Bachelor's Degree not necessarily for teaching purposes but their government require this for a working permit for you! They can't issue you a working visa without it! So people who say no are they speaking from personal experience? If so I would certainly be interested in knowing which countries can hire you without Degrees or even Undergraduate degrees. rnSiriAnand
    Having a degree in teaching should be more like it. Then again that still doesn\'t make you qualified enough to teach in Japan. As a matter of fact, to teach English in Japan you just have to be \"white\". Bachelor and teaching certification is just a cover up. \"The proof of the pudding is in the eating\".bon
    Given a choice between one or the other but not both, I would hire the TESOL certificated person every time.Robbo
    yes correct..Certs and experience are enoughSacha
    I think this is true kamali kaushalya
    With most positions that are focus on kindergarten or primary basic English, I don\'t believe a Bachelor\'s degree is necessary as long as there is some formal training and experience. This would not be the case if you were the primary education teacher or teaching upper levels.Michael
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