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    If you are experienced, qualified, and bilingual, will being over 50 be a drawback teaching ESL in countries other than Asia?

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    First and foremost it is ageism when we disriminate based on age. My goodness if someone has all of those skills why would u exempt them purely on age. Look at people as individuals not on their race, creed, colour, age or sex. It is however, a drawback in reality being 50 because many Asian countries disriminate based on age. Elderly people have a wealth of experience and in Australia research shows them to be the most reliable and loyal employees. It\'s like saying you are a professional golfer - experienced, qualified but should not be able to compete because at your age you ought not be competitive. Ageist policies have no place in a decent and respectful society. The young have a lot to bring to the table as do the elderly - and anyway 50 is hardly ancient. For many years we discriminated against women and till we realised that in some cases that excluded fifty percent of our collective talent. I would suggest the same is true in relation to ageism. Finally, we are all prejudice. The banality of ignorance only means we have to do more with less.Perry Walsh
    “Seeking challenging position with well-reputed Organization offering excellent prospects for career growth and personal development with international pace”Ibrar Hussain
    Many countries value age and experience unlike Asia which places more value on appearance coupled with a youth obsessed culture.Tom
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