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    Is a CELTA really effective for preparing teachers to teach English in the \"real world\"?

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    Without CELTA, I would be lost in the classroom. I believe that you can achieve a lot from the methods to impart the knowledge. I like the way I learnt and am proud to say that the methods are true and tested.Brent Joel in Trinidad and Tobago
    There are too many flaws and these are passed on th the students.Dr Migdalia Centeno in Puerto Rico (U.S.)
    Very few people I know use what they learnt in that courseKostya
    I am going to say no in that CELTA is a lot about grammar and teaching theory but light on helping teachers understand the reality (difficulties) they will face in the classroom. They should add more classroom management trainingEric
    It's not perfect, but it does prepare you to plan your lessons, and give you valuable initial classroom experience. If I hadn't taken the CELTA, I'd have been clueless going into my first job. If I'd had a theoretical qualification such as an English degree or similar, but no CELTA, I'd probably still have been clueless. Chris
    Scott Thornbury used to write that PPP was crap. But \'money talks \' and now he\'s flipped and it\'s acceptable again as he endorses this style in his CELTA books. MONOP0LY people - not the game! One organization stating what they think and what you must pay for before you can teach - restrictive practices too! Do we live in a free society or do we really need those 6 hours? Why only six - The Prisoner influence ? Regardless of content its a real restriction on our freedom of teaching.Michael Foy
    Many teachers I know without a CELTA are in much worse positions when they start a job. Most I know never really become good teachers.Mehmet
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