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    Is China\'s teacher demand causing a teacher shortage (and thefore increasing the compesation packages) in the ESL industry?

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    First of all Tim, you really need to learn how to spell dude, especially if you're teaching English.It's spelled DEFINITELY...I've been teaching in China for seven years and I totally disagree with some of the opinions here. The demand in China is high but the salaries have been going up rather than down, contrary to Robbo's comment. 10 years ago the average salary in China was about 4,000 yuan and now it's more like 6 to 8,000 depending on the region you choose. I'm in Guangdong province and I get paid 16,000 RMB per month, plus housing allowance, airfare,3 mothns of paid holidays(full pay), transportation cost and cell phone usage. Then take a look at other countries in Asia, especially places like Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand. Salaries in these countries are low, Thailand for example hasn't raised the avg. teacher salary in 15 years or more, it's still a pathetic $900 US per month. YOU pay for your apartment and all utility bills yourself, no contract completion bonus, airfare reimbursement, nothing.And on top of all that, most schools actually expect you to show up for a face to face interview with no guarantee of employment whatsoever, even if you're in a different country. Mark
    Bad graduate employment in US is forcing grads in ESL. Chinese employers are using this to ratchet up the qualifications, enforce max age restrictions and hold down salaries.
    That said, China is the land of contradictions and a friend recently joined a public vocational college at age 70+, in a desireable coastal city at standard salary and benefits.Robbo
    It has definately created an increase in teacher demand. One look at the jobs forums shows this. Has it increased the compensation packages? That I am not so sure about.Tim
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