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    Is it better for students to learn American English rather than British English?

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    Unless a student wants to live in a specific English speaking country, American English is best for a few reasons: American English is more standard within itself, whereas only about 5% of Brits actually speak 'Oxford English'. If you understand American English you will understand the majority which is not true with the many distinct British dialects. -American English has more influence through media (film, tv, music) and Americans are less influenced by other forms of English themselves. -American English is more common in business, science, and technology. -There are about 309,000,000+ Americans vs 66,000,000+ British I'm and ESL teacher and I hear many more complaints about students who have studied British English that have trouble understanding and communicating with Americans. Bottom line, for a more comprehensive and effective English choose American!n
    As a teacher in Bangkok and a UK native, I strongly believe that speaking correctly for EFL purposes is a must. I have a very broad north-western accent, but speak to my students in a neutral accent whenever I can. My students were listening to an American language CD the other day, the pronunciation was hopeless. The end of practically every word was missing or faded out. I am a stickler for correct pronunciation, even when I am learning Thai, I must be able to hear everything the speaker is saying. I find the Americans I have been in contact with do not do this. I believe the student suffers because of this.Wendy Williams
    I\'m Canadian, my friend is British, another is American...etc. Isn\'t a big enough problem just getting them to speak....Jacqueline Gunn
    American English isn\'t better, just an alternative. As it seems that the British have issue with American English, I have my issues, but I try to teach as much of both as I can. My major annoyance is the word rubbish. . . Clayton
    It really depends on the goal of the student but in terms of the most widely understood accents and vocabulary the answer is yes. I know this irritates my UK brethren but maybe if it is viewed as what is best for the student and not as an attack on UK identity it is less provacative. Also, Americans are winners and we all want to be winners. PS...Robbo\'s child parent metaphor is a little condescending. How does it feel when your child smacks you around?Reality
    My students have always tolerated my British spellings and make less of a fuss than Americans do. I also am less than impressed when I hear the American colloquialism \'to mess up\' being taught as a real verb with tenses.
    Also advertisements that state \'learn to speak English with a no-nonsense American accent\' are irritating in the extreme.
    American English is spoken in America, The Philippines, Guam, Hawaii and Japan. Please forgive me if i missed somewhere pertinent.
    British English is the standard in the UK, Eire, Europe, the Eastern Bloc, India , Pakistan, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada ...........Which came first the chicken or the egg? And why does the child want to always invent alternative words and change the spellings of mother\'s words?Michael Foy
    No. As long as the students learn to speak english with the correct pronunciation. I think this is most important.
    Where I teach the ESOL student whom are adults have so many bad habbits ..... its so frustatingHelen UK
    I believe learning American English gives students more opportunity since it is more universally recognized and used in business and science. Regardless, either one is acceptable and can get them what they need.Levi
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