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    Is teaching abroad different from teaching in your native country?

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    Teaching is relative. Of course, a teacher can teach best its students in using its own native tongue. That\'s why better adaptive behavior of a teacher is a must in relating itself to its surrounding, for example when a teacher is teaching abroad. The teacher must adjust itself & its manner of manner of teaching to better facilitate the learning of its students. In this case, language plays an important role in bridging cultural diversity.Julius PC
    I have to disagree because even with different cultures, students are students. As long as you engage them and prepare yourself, there is not much difference. I think the cultural aspect only comes into play outside the classroom.Mark Timmons
    well of course especially if the cultural setting is different to yours. You have the added burden or pleasure,depending on your perspective of coping with your new environment in addition to regular teaching responsibities.Stephen Khan
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