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    Is the American education system preferable to the UK education system?

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    Being that the rest of the world wants to learn the english language and that the rest of the world follows suit to the USA, it's a no brainer! Jim Catizone
    The primary education system in the U.S. isn't as challenging or difficult., but is more accessible than most European systems, with a more extensive system of public or "free" schools. The university system in the U.S. is considered the best in the world, with something like 8/10 of the best ones in the U.S. (if you can afford it). The U.S. system encourages independence, hard work, and self esteem, whereas the european system focuses mainly on the school work. This is based on my experience as working 3 european high schools for three years, and what I've seen. Terry
    As an American who has lived in Europe, I can say without hesitation that the American educational system is, even at its best, inferior to the European systems. I don\'t see it changing anytime soon, either, especially since parents would freak out if we dared to expect more from their precious children...or even worse, encouraged their children to think independently. Not that I am bitter or anything.....Kelly
    How can the Yanks be more educated and informed when they elected Reagan and Bush? And chose to invade Iraq and declare war on the Afghans?!JamesO
    You only really have to ask an American anything about the World today and you will find out that they know nothing. Therefore bad education system -right?Waleed
    I decided on the American system because my children will have more choices for post-secondary education.Charlotte
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