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    Should corporal punishment be reinstated in schools?

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    I can see your point in the matter but how can you be supporting it while still using the phrase 'beatings'? It makes it sound so much worse than it actually is, especially considering that 'beatings' are not usually what happens during corporal punishment, a cane across the hand, as per usually required maximum punishment as referred to in law, is not a 'beating' as such.Aydan
    i think that it shouldnt be reinstated because most parents and kids see it as abusing or beating them and that just isnt righttorres gary
    it is necessary to bring back the corporal punishment to school,first the children is not old enough to coutrol himself, sometimes, the only way to make them understand the importanct of learning is corporal punishment. they can remember in mind and focus on the study. second, they don't have any correct view about the world. they will not abide the rules unles they realise what will happen with broking the rules.linda
    my reason for the beatings to come back is because kids these days are not getting the right results when our parents where at school, and the only reason that they got such good grades is because of the beatings. So imagine how well our kids will do if they brought back the beatings I mean we would be way advanced in technology.joshua
    Hitting a child is like hitting a pet. They don\'t make the connection and it doesn\'t nothing but build resentment.Erica
    If you have to resort to hitting a child, you\'ve lost the plot.Andrea
    Spare the rod, spoil the child!Eric
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