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    Should public school systems be replaced by private schools with parents receiving a credit voucher or tax credit to offset tuition?

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    Public education is the foundation of any country. To put education into the hands of private corporations will erode the ability to provide all with equal opportunity to an education. Invest in the public schools!Michael in United States
    Public education funding comes primarily from local property tax, meaning that public schools in rich neighborhoods receive a great deal more in funding than public schools in poor neighborhoods. This creates serious problems for people of all economic levels.rnFor the rich, a great deal of unnecessary funding goes into public schools. When a school has a surplus of funding, it ends up wasting the money on things which don't contribute whatsoever to a student's well-being. On the other hand, for the poor, students become stuck in terrible, dangerous schools which have incredibly low education standards which leads to inadequate preparation for life beyond K-12 schooling.rnOne could argue that public schools should be funded by state taxes as opposed to local property taxes. This still wouldn't address the issue of inefficiency seen in most public schools. Where the money goes is often decided by those in positions of power, such as those in administrative positions, as opposed to the people actually paying for the funding. Public schools are inefficient to the point that approximately 39 percent of Chicago public school teachers send their children to private schools. You'd think that if public schooling were all that great, people employed by such schools would overwhelmingly be in favor of sending their own children to them.rnThe logical solution is to replace public schools with private schools, both for-profit and charity, seeing as how not all can afford school for their children in the first place. The money for charity schools must come from somewhere, though. Most likely, it would come from those who have extra money to donate. Rich people are often portrayed as greedy, but it's a simple truth that people with more money are more likely to donate some of that money than those without. Think of any time you've been asked for change by someone: are you more likely to give them money when you have 5 dollars, or 50 dollars? If funding coming from the rich wasn't so wasteful, they would have more money, which means they would be more likely to donate some of it to those less privileged.rnUnlike public schools, private schools HAVE to be successful in order to stay in business. If a public school does poorly, nothing truly changes. If a private school does poorly, nobody sends their children to such schools and they fail. If schools were allowed to compete by offering the best education for the lowest price, both students and their parents would benefit.rnAt the very least, a tax voucher should be given to those who wish to send their children to private schools. A poor family may wish to send their child to a better school, but if they aren't given back the money they've already paid for public school funding, they simply can't afford to do so.rnPublic schooling does nothing to help those in need. It's an illusion, meant to protect the interests of those with privilege. Private schools can provide better education at lower costs because they have to do so in order to stay in business.rnWith public schooling, the people don't truly have any control in what happens to our youth. In contrast, private schools HAVE to do what we want.rnSupport a better future for America's youth and for us all. Take back control of your life.A Concerned American
    it will effect the countries developmental steps taken up by government. Uniformity wil be lost in education system if is privatised. It wil enhance the corruption. amtul raqeeb
    no government funding will make up for it..
    no government funding will make up for it..
    Public education is just as corrupt as public government in the U.S. \"Diversity\" is just a mantra to disguise the fact that the new crop of students are hostile to education and put money ahead of all other concerns. Administrators make sure they get paid first and teachers and students get the short end.Mark
    It is a slow death but it is inevitable. People have lost faith in the ability of our schools to prepare our children.Martin D.
    Obviously the government can\'t balance the checkbook. Give parents the choice between a public school or a private school. Maybe the public schools will start to improve themselves.Dara
    This would only continue to widen the gap between haves and have nots.Amy
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