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    Should teachers accept friendship requests from their minor students on Facebook.?

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    We teach for a vocation that imparts knowledge, allows dialogue & communication, to lend support & critique with an end goal of competency for the student. It is called FRATERNIZATION - unethical & illegal, where enforced against. DO your job. DO it well. If you want friends, buy a dog or get goldfish. It opens the door to unhealthy & unethical dilemmas. Stay away from it --free classes for 8-10 students in a coffee house (permission given/paid with shop)& availability to local community in casual atmosphere ---GREAT. However, we are meant to be iconic, to lead & be followed or otherwise worked with. Who we are, as people in a personable connection? Keep the lid of that box closed, lock the door & never open it. Accusation, litigation, & plot complications await the unwise. Timothy A. Marsters
    I don\'t think FB is an appropriate place for \"interaction\" with students, especially minor ones. it is a SOCIAL NETWORK, not a LEARNING NETWORK. Additionally, it is not under the control of the school nor is equal access given to the parents. It is essentially a private conversation between you and the student which in the real world would also be frowned on. You should think about your statements and consider there are other options to provide students with the information they need...including education/learning specific networks.Michael
    We are talking about students. not your boss or someone you aren\'t interested in. Students might need help somehow and you can have access to give them the source through FB. I don\'t know about you, but I don\'t have 500k friends on my FB. and I usually talk to all my people in FB. I think you are looking at this from the wrong side..... You should think about your statements. John
    Let me give you all advice, and really I shouldn\'t be giving it, because it SHOULD be common sense. Don\'t be Facebook friends with anyone that doesn\'t know you personally. Sure, it may seem nice to have 500k friends, but honestly, you probably talk to maybe about 20-30 of them or less that 0.001% A big no-no is friending associates from work, including: bosses and supervisors, associates and co-workers, and clients. Facebook is made for ranting and friends to make you up. Your boss is not your friend, and he will not like it when you call him a douchebag. Nor when you have rated R+ converstations with your friends your students are going to say, hey he\'s/she\'s cool. They will gossip about you and rat on you. So, no. Facebook is for real friends, new and old, but people you know sociably and not negociably.Ken
    I don\'t think we should accept FB friend requests because FB is a social network, not an education network. When we allow our students (minors) to be our friends on FB, it not only sets a \"casual\" association but it can lead to embarassing situations due to insight into our personal lives.Alvin
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