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    Should teachers be required to stand during every class?

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    Definitely. Standing has many benefits. One thinks faster on their feet, creates a more interactive and vibrant class with more energy. One can interact with more students. Great for the leg muscles, balance and burning calories ( 7 per hour). I only sit during an exam or a student's presentation. Jake in Saudi Arabia
    It becomes really tiring for those teachers who have knee problems,taniya
    If you stand in the class and cower over your students, they will feel intimidated and as a consequence, may not learn as much as if they feel relaxed in the class. We\'re teachers, not interrogators! Steve Page
    Good classes require changes of pace and that means some standing, some sitting and, especially some walking around checking small groups/pairs, so nobody gets bored with mono-mode...hopefully!elisha
    often students are listening to an audio book or watching a 5-10 minute video presentation that doesn\'t require the teacher to be standing, or they may be engaged in an exercise to which the teacher has allocated a certain time. Why remain standing?
    getting tired in class will exhaust you and exhaustion is detrimental to focus which is necessary to better teach students and get the material across. Especially if you are teaching morning classes or or more than 2 hrs per day. i\'ve done up to 8 hrs in one day. Mina
    Don\'t get me wrong, I teach 6 hours...just about nonstop. 4 minute breaks don\'t mean much when you\'re scrambling to make copies. However, standing forces you focus and pay attention to detail. In Asian cultures, kids respect the authority over a human resources approach, as they\'re so desperate for a break they\'ll push the envelope too far if you sit. Mind you, exceptions exist for every rule and even differing cultures should allow for differences of opinion on when to and not to stand.Todd Renard
    Standing in the classroom gives teachers an advantage in being able to view the class as well as giving them the \"higher ground\"Steven
    some of us teach 3-4 hours in a row! If you\'re on your feet for that long you are bound to collapse.
    I\'d say a teacher should be on his/her feet at least 50% of the class time. You can monitor fine in a seated position as long as you\'ve set up your student activities well.Pete
    Teachers should be standing during every class because this allows them to better control and monitor the learning.Michael
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