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    Would a teaching candidate be considered a good teacher of English without a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA?

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    Most of these courses are premised on school recouping money spent on recruitment. They are no substitute for experience. In my own case I have a degree in TESOL and a Masters in TESOL - what the hell do i want to pay more money for?? Celta Delta are not as high as a Degree last time i looked heehe Has everyone gone mad???? Honesty is what is needed this translates into collegiality and congeniality and not some Bogus institution trying to sap money out of foreigners. And for those of you who think yeah but i dont have any qualifications - guess what if you never do you never understand and no piece of paper will suffice. We learn as we go and we are all on different paths - everyone has a different teaching style and learning style. We can not assume a one size fits all approach by those who purport to have a patent on best teaching practice. It is hubris at best and like Socrates lamented the more I know the more i realise how much i dont know. No-one has the magic potion for being a good teacher. It takes tolerance, enthusiasm and as I mentioned above trust from the top down and among teachers. If you empower teachers and build their self esteem they will do great things, however if you laud over them the dos and donts of best practice you are building a culture of ignorance.Perry Walsh
    I have never taken a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA. One was never required of me. However, I do hold a California State Teaching Credential, and my graduate work was in cross-cultural education. In short, those who are already qualified to teach in their home countries have no need for four-week programs.D. B.
    I would have to say that they could teach but may not be able to teach well without the language awareness that a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA would provideCindy
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