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    A kind and good teacher is pivotal in the life and development of a child. My teachers had a huge impact on me and their positive influence has helped me all my life. If someone has a gift for teaching, then it is a fantastic thing for our society. We can't just think about how difficult it is all the time. Kirsty MacCallum
    After 9 years of teaching I am perceptive enough to see that it is a unrewarding profession. Children are rude and ungrateful, only 20-40% really care about their education. Worst still is the paper work and constant inspections / lesson observations. I\'m now doing supply with the intention of working in pharmaceuticals. Disgruntled science teacher, England.Peter
    The twin burdens of excellence and equity have become too much for the mortal teacher. Though we talk much about equity, we don\'t follow it (example: special education). We fail to follow the \"Fair Share\" principal and end up shorting those students in the middle. There is a continuing belief in ever expanding teaching time to the point that everyone in the endeavor is being shorted.Dan
    Only if they love to teach! Also, depends upon the academic level and type of teaching one does. Teaching international students and at university level is great! Very different then public schools.Jubilee
    Parents and students have become so ungrateful and their focus is not on self-improvement but just looking to blame teachers for their lack of responsibility in their own future.Tara
    I would definately recommend teaching because of the sense of satisfactiona nd accomplishment I get when I am able to pass on my knowledge to the next generation.Laura
    But not it is only a maybe or no. It is too difficult with too many pressures. There is no joy left in it because of this.Alfie
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