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    ESL Teaching Job

    Come have an exciting summer in Istanbul, Turkey at Koc University’s English Language Camps for Kids!

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    • Come have an exciting summer in Istanbul, Turkey at Koc University’s English Language Camps for Kids!

      By: Koc University ELC for Kids Program < Show E-mail >

      Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2019

      Location: Europe (Turkey)

      We are looking for native English speakers to help us create a 3 month-long set of immersive English-language summer camps for children from all over Turkey. The job description is posted below. Any questions and applications can be sent to the Mentor Supervisor, Warren Oliver, at

      Our Summer Programs help participants between the ages of 4-13 practice their English skills through both outdoor activities, like golf and football, as well as less active indoor ones, such as drama, photography, and English conversation classes, which support their physical and social development without the added pressure of tests and exams. For these ages, we offer two different programs as Summer Day Camp Program and Intensive Boarding Program that take place simultaneously.

      Summer Daycamp Program:

      Koç University English Language Center (ELC) for Kids Summer Day Camp Program offers its participants between the ages of 4-11, an opportunity to practice English in an everyday setting with native speaker mentors. While changing our range of activities considering repeat participants, we make sure to maintain a balance between activities that emphasize physical, social and artistic abilities.

      Our goal is to keep our campers happily distracted while they practice English. We try to keep away from common sports with which participants might have had a previous knowledge of to avoid any unnecessary competition. We believe that the process of learning a foreign language and socializing; especially for young learners, benefit greatly from a judgment and competition-free environment thus we strive to keep our camp as fun and peaceful as possible.

      Teachers should have, in addition to having been internationally certified as an English teacher (via TEFL, CELTA, or an equivalent program), previous experience working with students from ages 4-11 as well as camp counseling experience. This will insure that the teachers in this particular program are able to properly adapt the curriculum to their particular group and that they are able to properly lead their team of mentors during non-classroom hours. Our mentors accompany the participants while on campus all through the day and they help the participants to reach new horizons. However, it will be up to the teachers to aide management in being able to insure that mentors are able to accomplish this goal.

      Day Camp Program takes place on week days between 08:30 and 16:30. Teachers will be participating with their groups in each activity and be responsible for daily, hour-long English conversation classes. Below you can find a sample schedule for a typical day for this program:

      Day Camp Sample Program 
      08:30 -09:00 = Meet up 
      09:00 – 09:20 = Stretching 
      09:20 – 09:25 = Snack 
      09:30 – 10:15 = Capoiera 
      10:20 – 11: 05= Photography 
      11:10 – 11:55 = Drama 
      12:00 – 12:30 = Lunch 
      12:35 – 13:20 = Pool Games 
      13:25 – 14:10 = Pool Games 
      14:20 – 15:00 = Coding 
      15:30 - 16:30 = Round up of the day

      Intensive Boarding Program:

      Koç University English Language Center (ELC) for Kids Intensive Boarding Program offers its participants between 9-13 years-old, a chance to practice their English with native speaker instructors and mentors in classroom settings as well as with outdoor activities. Our participants enjoy the comfort of practicing their English without the limiting conditions of exams, levels, and other various barriers; while an annually updated schedule supports their cognitive, physical, and social development. For participants between the ages of 9 to 13 who has some experience studying English and beginner conversational, reading and writing skills, Koç University English Language Center (ELC) for Kids Intensive Boarding program offers 5 hours of class instruction each week day. Our native teachers encourage development of conversational skills through structured speaking activities while building vocabulary through thematic readings and applications of the various, pre-selected, activity courses. After classroom hours, our participants will be attending the afternoon and evening activities carefully selected for their age group in mostly outdoor settings.

      We see our ELC for Kids Intensive Boarding program as a unique learning opportunity for our participants; a chance to be coached by native speakers to engage in discussion-based learning with a diverse group of talented peers while developing their English language skills in ways that may not be included during the academic year. We pay particular attention to plan activities in a way that balances physical, social, and artistic development.

      Teachers should be internationally certified as an English teacher (via TEFL, CELTA, or an equivalent program) have some previous experience working with students from ages 9-13 or camp counseling experience. This will insure that the teachers in this particular program are able to properly adapt the curriculum to their particular group and that they are able to properly lead their team of mentors during non-classroom hours. It is paramount that our teachers be able to work well with other people because the six hours of English conversation classes function off of a paired teaching method. Therefore, any experience of group work and team building will be viewed as an asset to any teacher.

      The Intensive Boarding Program takes place for teachers on week days, between 8:30 and 17:30. In the morning, teachers, as pairs, will teach English conversation classes from a pre-made curriculum, provided by management, as well as accompany the students to lunch. Mentors will come to help the teachers from 14:00-15:30, during afternoon activities. At this point, teachers will be able to take breaks, as available with the group and particular activity needs, to work on lesson plans. Below you can find a sample schedule for a typical week day for this program:

      Sample Program 
      08:30- 09:00 = Breakfast 
      09:15- 11:00 = Intensive English Practice 
      11:30 – 13:30 = Intensive English Practice 
      13:45 – 14:15 = Lunch 
      14:20-15:00 = Golf 
      15:10-15:50 = Capoeira 
      16:00 -16:40 = Coding 
      16:45 – 17:30 = Cooking 
      17:40 – 18:20 = Funball 
      18:35-19:20 = Library Time 
      19:20-20:00 = Dinner 
      20:00 – 21:00 = Free Time with Mentors 
      21:15- 22:00 = Shower 
      23:00 = Lights Out

      Ideal Teaching Employee: 
      • Native English speaker who wants to spend their summer working with children (between the ages 4-13) in a structured indoor and outdoor setting. 
      • Willing to provide a safe, happy and entertaining environment for the kids. 
      • Mature, caring, and fun loving person who will encourage the kids to practice their English intensively, via assisting them during several workshops and activities. 
      • Able to attend all 3 terms. Please make sure you are prepared to commit to those dates.

      Program Duration: 
      The first term of our program starts on June 17, 2019 and the last term ends on August 9, 2019. 
      • Orientation: June 17th-June 21st (1 Week) 
      • Program Dates: June 23rd-August 9th (7 Weeks) 
      o Term 1: June 23rd – 12th of July (3 weeks) 
      o Term 2: July 14th – 26th of July (2 weeks) 
      o Term 3: July 28th – August 9th (2 weeks) 
      The first day of each term, which will always be a Sunday, will be an Opening Day for the program, where we introduce our program to our participants and their families and introduce them our team and start the Boarding Program. Every staff member (teacher or mentor) must work that day regardless of the program they work for.

      Work Place Expectations: 
      • Accompany assigned campers during working hours, including meals 
      • Enthusiastically create a safe classroom environment that encourages students to speak English, and help students to practice and improve their English 
      • Ensure the safety of the campers 
      • Help the campers during the workshops, breaks, lunch, snack time, pool time (i.e. getting dressed, drying hair, and etc.) 
      • Keep an eye on the assigned campers at all times. 
      • Work between 8.30am to 5.30pm during the weekdays with children between the ages of 9-13.

      Application Requirements: 
      • Must have completed a TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, or equivalent teacher certification course 
      • Must be at least 18 and have completed a minimum of one year of college 
      • Must be available to work for at least the initial 3 terms. 
      • Will be required to submit a video interview after viewing their initial application and if we wish to proceed further. 
      • Will eat meals with children during working hours 
      • Have previous camping experience with children and/or knowledgeable about child development

      • A salary of 1815TL/3 weeks for Day Camp Teachers and a salary of 2145TL/3 weeks for Intensive Teachers, paid at the end of each month. 
      • Room and board on Koç University campus 
      • 3 meals/day provided 
      • Accidental health insurance for the duration of your stay at Koç University to cover any work-related injuries and illnesses (Private travel insurance is strongly recommended for extra-occupational injuries and infections)

      Please also have a look at our website. 

      Come have an exciting summer in Istanbul, Turkey at Koc University’s English Language Ca

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