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  • Intensive English Instructor- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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    • Intensive English Instructor- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

      By: Megan Stern < Show E-mail >

      Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2019

      Location: Middle East (Saudi Arabia)

      American Language Academy, a private English language academy, headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina USA seeks highly qualified, experienced teachers interested in teaching an Intensive English Program (IEP) face-to-face in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

      The position offers good potential for career development and professional growth with a new dynamic fast-growing company. Candidate who is chosen to join our team should be available to attend teacher orientation and training prior to the beginning of the session.

      Candidate must be flexible.

      Job duties include:

      • Planning and delivering rigorous classroom instruction in both face-to-face and online distance teaching modes.
      • Administering ALA’s standardized student achievement and progress evaluations
      • Integrating fully the information technology that ALA provides into classroom instruction and management in both teaching modes
      • Filling out, completing, and submitting daily lesson plans and student weekly schedules of class content on Sundays using the appropriate ALA templates
      • Grading assignments and conducting assessment of students in a timely and systematic manner (2-3 days is considered timely and systematic)
      • Collaborating with co-teacher to ensure consistency of instruction and assessment
      • Completing a minimum 20 hours per year of approved professional development, with a goal of approximately 4 hours per session; which may include conference presentations
      • Contributing to the creation of student group projects for different instructional levels
      • Conferencing with and advising students as needed (conference with students at midterm and end of session)
      • Designing Personalized Education Plans (PEP) for students as needed
      • Consulting with the Program Director and/or Academic Coordinator on curriculum development as assigned
      • Contributing to researching, preparing, and delivering professional development sessions to teachers
      • Contributing to assigned curricular tasks or projects
      • Keeping weekly office hours for individual meetings with students
      • Arranging or participating in experiential activities for students, including field trips
      • Proctoring new-student placement tests as needed
      • Participating in extracurricular activities: (ex. orientation, end-of-term ceremonies, and student activities and events)
      • Complete “Hour Allocation Approval.xls” with Program Director before the start of each session and update as needed when applicable during the session.
      • Submit weekly timesheet by email to Human Resources, Program Director, and designated Staff Accountant or in person to designated Staff Accountant by Monday of the following week. All lesson plans, weekly schedules, evidence of project work, and evidence of completed academic tasks must be submitted with weekly timesheet for approval.
      • Assisting other departments as needed

      Job Qualifications:

      • Bachelor's degree in English as second language (ESL), English as foreign language (EFL), applied linguistics, bilingual education, or second language acquisition.
      • In cases where the bachelor’s degree is not in ESL or a closely related field, such as applied linguistics or foreign language pedagogy, language teaching faculty, including teacher-trainers, must have a specific knowledge base that includes, at a minimum, the following subject matter:
      • language teaching methodology
      • the nature of language/languages (e.g., introduction to linguistics)
      • the structure of English (e.g., syntax, phonology, morphology, discourse)
      • second language acquisition
      • intercultural communication
      • A certificate in ESL/EFL (ex. TESOL or TEFL.only) in addition to the Bachelor’s degree will be considered but must have specific knowledge base and skill set as above.

      Requirements for consideration of your application:

      • Cover letter
      • ALA employment application
      • CV/resumé
      • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate studies
      • Copies of degrees and relevant certificates earned
      • Two (2) letters of recommendation from a former supervisor regarding your abilities and qualifications for this position
      Intensive English Instructor- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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