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      By: Shanna Marie Detrick < >

      Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2020

      Location:North America (United States)

      My goals are to help other individuals gain knowledge and confidence in their writing skills. Currently, I am a self-employed online tutor with six students that I assist with research ideas, outline creation assistance, a soundboard on the direction of the writing, editing. Still, most importantly, I have become a life coach and their biggest cheerleaders! During the winter break, I was blessed to watch a mother of 4, grandmother of 1, wife, substitute teacher stroll across the stage and receive her Bachelor of Science in Social Work, cum laud, mind you. What makes this so special is that this woman is in her 40's, she is an ex-gang member, and she suffers from three different diagnosed learning disabilities, and was told that she could not receive any form of higher education. She has been accepted into the MSW program at her alma mater and begins classes on January 6, 2020. She credits me with her accomplishments, but I am quick to remind her that I am merely a tool that she utilized when she needed to succeed. I explained to her that she completed every assignment, paper, test, quiz, discussion board answer, and the internship, and I merely made her masterpieces a little prettier. I also have a high school student, who didn't care if he graduated school or not, when we began working together in 2018. During winter break, he contacted me to let me know that he was graduating in June and that I was to attend. He caught me off guard when he further explained to me that he had been accepted into the aviation mechanical maintenance program at a local college. Remember, one year prior he was ready to give up and drop out of school in his junior year of high school. He then went on to tell me that he was also on the Honor Roll for the first semester of his senior year of high school. His mother, bless her heart, wants to know what I did to her son. She credits me with his complete outlook and current drive, I correct her and explain that she set it up for the first sixteen years, I just let him know what was going to happen if he chose specific paths, and then I explained that he was not what others thought he was. I have even stood up for him with his teachers because they did not believe the work was his and that he was "capable" of learning things that quickly. I had to have a Zoom meeting with his school counselor, his principal, three of his teachers, and his mother. Luckily, my classes and sessions are recorded by Zoom and stored on my computer, and this allowed me to playback the entire hour session where the student and I were composing the paper from start to finish. They were very apologetic, and my student understood that as long as he was in the right, I would be his advocate to the end. And the last present that I received over winter break was that another of my students had surprised me by obtaining her Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice one semester early. This student also has learning disabilities and continuously pushes herself to be the best at everything she attempts, and she usually accomplishes this goal. Last semester, she took five classes, and these classes all required at least three lengthy essays on varied topics. Now last year, her assigned writings were in the MLA format; and this year, all of her compositions were to be in APA format. This change in formatting was a bit of a problem in the beginning. Still, when I would edit her papers with her, she would realize she needed to change the formatting and eventually stopped forgetting to initially format in APA. It has been said that I have a way with words, and I love words because they are fun. My mother would say that I could eloquently tell someone what I thought about them, and they would thank me for it before realizing what I had said. I have known since I was two years old that I wanted to teach, but I do not like literature, nor do I get the "Old English." that they are derived. And when I signed up for my first English courses at a University, I realized that there was no way I could do the Literature part. However, I have a passion for the English language and composition, so I want to teach that to students in Higher Education institutions. I would love to continue to instruct online, as my husband is a disabled veteran, and requires my assistance with some of his basic needs. Still, I am not opposed to teaching classes at a local college or university. I want to be the light at the end of their dark tunnels.
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