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ESL Teaching scam United Arab Emirates

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  • Al Manara Private School is a scam!

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    • Al Manara Private School is a scam!

      By: Jared < Show E-mail >

      Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2016

      Location: Middle East (United Arab Emirates)

      I received an email from a person who claimed to be a HR manager for Al Manara Private school in Abu Dhabi about a English teaching position in the school. I showed interested in the job and sent over my cv. The processed followed by this person all seemed normal as he said my application was successful and he wanted to have a Skype interview with me. On the Skype interview all the normal questions you would expect in an interview were asked (the only fishy thing at this moment in time was that it was a voice chat rather than video). We also discussed visa and flight costs to which he advised I would need to pay for myself and I would be reimbursed on arrival if I was successful and accepted the job, I questioned why the company would not pay for it anyway if I would be reimbursed to which he advised that it was because last year 4/5 people's visa costs were paid for and some of them didn't show up therefore the company lost out on a lot of money. He then said he would let me know by the next day if I had been successful which he did. Once I received the contract, I had a read through and arranged to speak on Skype again as I had a few questions. At this point I was starting to have my doubts due to having to pay for my own visa costs as normally all jobs in UAE cover this for you and from previous research i was aware that scams like these do exist. I spoke to him on Skype and expressed my concern about paying for my own costs to which the guy said it is non negotiable and if I wanted the job I would need to pay. Anyway at this point I signed the contract as I wanted to know where things would go next. A day after sending off the signed contract I received an email from the guy advising 'Dear ********
      I have received signed copy of the contract employment letter, which confirmed your Employment agreement with Al Manara Private School. According to contract employment letter, we will provide suitable apartment for you, is free of charge no fees will be required for the apartment. We do not have dressing code; modest dressing would be highly appreciated.
      As non U.A.E citizen you need two (2) employment visa/family visa package, Emirates Id card, U.A.E approved teaching certificate and flight ticket; Dowad Travel & Tourism Company will process all your documents and deliver it to your address through courier Delivery Company. The U.A.E immigration office and Ministry of affairs department accredit Dowad Travel & Tourism Company; you do not need to contact our Embassy in your country. You will in cure all your traveling expenses and get reimbursed on your arrival according to the contract Employment letter. The traveling agency company will process all your documents including you flight ticket. Below is contact details of Dowad Travel & Tourism Company, Contact them immediately to start processing all the required documents and cooperate with them;
      Dowad Travel & Tourism Company
      Mail: info[at]
      Mr. Azmat Qaadir Aalamgeer
      Tel:  + (971) 5285 25729
      Follow the instruction provided and make sure you cooperate with the traveling agency company. If you have, any questions do not hesitate to email me.'

      After reading this email I attempted to research Dowad travel and tourism company to which I have found no information what so ever. There is no website, no registered address on google maps,  no company information and any information at all on the internet. I also check the database for registered companies in the UAE and this company does not appear anywhere. So I think I now have enough evidence to say the whole thing was bogus. So anyone out there that receives the same job offer don't waste your time!! 

      Thinks to look out for:
      - email address (this persons email address was an outlook one, any person working for a company normally tends to have an email address with the company name).
      - check the telephone number (on the contract the telephone number was almost exactly the same as the one on google for the schools contact number except for one digit) 
      - a company tends to cover all the visa costs if they want to employ you, if you being asked to use a visa company check and research the details of the company name. If unsure check embassy website or contact them as they should have verified companies that are able to process visas etc. 
      - use LinkedIn to try and find other people that potentially work for the school as if you can speak to them then they may be able to help answer questions you may have. 

      Hope this is helpful for anyone who experienced similar issues.

      Al Manara Private School is a scam! (views: 7503)

      Asia () - Sun, 27 Nov 2016
      Posted by Amber Robertson

      I received exactly the same as replied back partly saying: Normally contracts for the U.A.E cover your flights and visa as advertised, why does it say in the contract that: Processing and traveling expenses: You will in cure all the processing fees/traveling expenses including your working documents charges and get reimbursed after two days of your arrival.Processing and traveling expenses: You will in cure all the processing fees/traveling expenses including your working documents charges and get reimbursed after two days of your arrival. As I mentioned in the Skype interview about this scam for the school going around, that was exactly what people have found after receiving the contract. Is it an error or? The person's name was Mr Gamali, the Skype interview was very robotic. Why do people waste their time doing such things, there are so many teaching scams it seems this year.

      This is the job ad. SCAM!

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