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    ESL & Education Website Domain Names For Sale (views: 4290)

    - Online - Sun, 26 Sep 2010 Posted by IGT

    Anyone interested in starting their own ESL or Education website, I have the following website domain names that I am looking to sell:ESL Domain Names:ESLmeeting.comESLnetworking.comESLstuff.comFreeESLjob.comMyESLzone.comSuperESL.comEducational Domain Names:EDUaffiliates.comEDUexams.comEDUlessons.comEDUmaterials.comEDUworksheets.comAsking price is $100 per domain name or best offer.I also have an ESL Social Networking Site called tha....

    winter camp teaching (views: 4471)

    - China - Sat, 25 Sep 2010 Posted by mol.vikus

    Hello everybody!I m a non-native speaker with 3 years teaching experience. I got my TEFL in Chicago. I lived in the UK and the USA. I spent my last summer teaching in China for 3 months.Could anybody tell me a good advice how to find a winter camp position?? or just a short - term position. I cant afford to apply for volunteering program even if I liked to. I dont know how much time I ve already spent searching on the net.Please help!Viki from Hu....

    Re: winter camp teaching in Korea (views: 3999)

    Asia (Korea) - Sun, 26 Sep 2010
    Posted by Admin

    I would suggest you post on some resume boards offering your services as "Winter Camp Teacher for Korea" so they can contact you. There may not be many positions posted just yet because it is a bit early to begin recruiting for winter camps which usually take place in December/January.Regardless, keep checking the jobs boards because they will start to appear.The following is from Transitions Abroad which is some good advice regarding short-term ....

    Teacher Age Requirement for Teaching Abroad (views: 4639)

    - Online - Thu, 16 Sep 2010 Posted by Pamela

    Do you have any information on age limits for teaching abroad. I will be 62 at the end of this month..I am educated..vibrant..should I just give up the search?....

    Re: Teacher Age Requirement for Teaching Abroad (views: 7939)

    Asia (Online) - Fri, 17 Sep 2010
    Posted by ICAL Pete

    It is a fact that most schools prefer younger teachers in their twenties. This is perhaps because they can pay them less and manipulate them more easily. However, there are certainly many schools which prefer older teachers who can often bring authority to the classroom as well as greater experience and style to the lessons. Although most jobs won't specify an age limit, it is as well to let the school know when you apply how old you are to avoid....

    Re: Teacher Age Requirement for Teaching Abroad (views: 3406)

    Online (Online) - Fri, 17 Sep 2010
    Posted by Admin

    I agree with Pete but having lived in Thailand for the past 8 years, I know that there are very few teachers over 65 that can "legally" teach. I say this because of the mandatory retirement age for Thai public school teachers (government civil service). If a foreign teacher is over the age limit and still working at the school but Thai teachers are forced to retire, this can sometimes lead to resentment which is understandable because it is a dou....

    Re: Teacher Age Requirement for Teaching Abroad (views: 3576)

    Online (Online) - Thu, 16 Sep 2010
    Posted by Admin

    Hello Pamela. You can check out our new teacher guide at for some information/links. With regards to age requirements, this can be somewhat “nebulous” because most countries have mandatory retirement ages for their native teachers that generally are around 60 years old. This being said, there are some schools that will take on a senior teacher if their need is great and the teacher proves to be adept and ener....

    English for All (views: 3554)

    - Online - Thu, 05 Aug 2010 Posted by Rad

    kHas anyone heard of English for All (E4All) or someone who has info regarding this agency. They do have a site but no contact number. The online application can be done in 3 minutes and then you'll get an email, they will send you an email saying"there are no jobs at moment in your preferred country/place but in Cameroon.The offer is really good with salary of $4000-5000 to teach French Speaking Students. I googled E4All and to my surprised I fo....

    Re: English for All (E4A) (views: 3597)

    Africa (Online) - Thu, 05 Aug 2010
    Posted by Admin

    English 4 All (E4A) definately sounds to be like a data collection scam to get as much information as possible for the purpose of identity theft or some other nefarious purpose. I say this because you mention that they responded that they had no availabe positions except for teaching jobs in Cameroon at $4,000-$5,000...a MONTH! Sign me up! That is better than a PhD makes in KSA!In addition, their websites says they are a 'global company' which h....

    Will-Excel - Harbin, China (views: 3953)

    - China - Wed, 07 Jul 2010 Posted by Dan Tracy

    Can, or will, anyone tell me about this school? The web-site info sounds too good to be true, and that usually means it isn't. I have been searching or a program to obtain certification with the goal of teaching in Taiwan. I have been there and had friends in Taipei.....

    Re: Will-Excel - Harbin, China (views: 5133)

    Asia (China) - Wed, 07 Jul 2010
    Posted by Admin

    Dan:I was unable to find anything negative about Will-Excel other than the usual stuff about whether their certification is accepted outside China or from schools not working directly with them...but that is normal stuff and given the nature of the TEFL industry, is ripe for huge debate no matter who you train with in whatever country.I did find this thread that seems to give glowing reviews coupled with some skepticism of those reviews which is ....

    Looking for teaching positions (views: 3489)

    - Online - Wed, 30 Jun 2010 Posted by frances62

    Hello, my husband and I are looking for ESL jobs overseas, preferably somewhere in Europe. My husband completed his CELTA last year and I hold a Masters Degree in English and German. We both have some previous teaching experience, though it dates back a few years. My husband is a native speaker, my English can be described "as native". We have applied for many jobs through a couple of ESL sites (mostly and Dave's ESL Cafe) but we have ha....

    Re: Looking for teaching positions (views: 3557)

    Europe (Online) - Wed, 30 Jun 2010
    Posted by Admin

    The key it to get your name out there so school can contact you with offers. I suggest you post a profile/resume on some other sites to spread the word. Remember to be careful about how much information you actual dates of birth (just month and year), no passport numbers and no home addresses post in public forums.Some places to start would be our Icon Group partner sites:TESall Group: post on either, w....

    World-TESOL (views: 3616)

    - Online - Tue, 04 May 2010 Posted by Michelle Davidge

    I was wondering if anyone has taken a TESOL course with this website am thinking it's a scam and so is another person who contacted me about this company....any help would be greatly appreciated!! If it is c'est la vie I have lost the money but I don't want anyone else to do the same!!....

    Re: World-TESOL (views: 3459)

    Online (Online) - Sun, 14 Nov 2010
    Posted by Nicole

    What ended up happening with World-Tesol College!?? I almost paid for the course but I get a bad vibe from it and now I am reading all these scam reports but no one has a real answer. Did you get placed or did you lose your money?....

    Re: World-TESOL (views: 3477)

    Online (Online) - Sun, 14 Nov 2010
    Posted by Admin

    I haven't heard much about the company being a "scam" per se but there is talk of too many unfulfilled promises of employment and recognition of the certificate. So it is 2 situations to look at:1. Is their TEFL course 'legitimate' or 'accredited'?This is a difficult question for anyone because there is NO accreditation agency for online TEFL courses. For more information see my article at

    Re: World-TESOL (views: 3325)

    Europe (Online) - Mon, 10 May 2010
    Posted by Iphigenia

    I totally agree with Michelle.I wasted my all money for that "scam" course. The World- Tesol College. They said they guarantee a job placement if we completed Business Course. even though i did it two months ago there happened nothing.When i ask a question they give a response in 7 or 10 days.PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS COURSE...DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.....

    Re: World-TESOL (views: 3171)

    Online (Online) - Tue, 04 May 2010
    Posted by Admin

    Michelle: It is rare that you hear of a TEFL course "scam" though I am sure anything is possible. Granted, there are some courses that have been "dragged through the mud" due to their less than stellar training performance. Regardless, the issue comes down to certification/accreditation and acceptance in the industry. For that, you must do some research.I suggest reading my article on TEFL certification and accreditation at either:http://www.tesa....

    China/Africa recruiter (views: 3541)

    - China - Mon, 03 May 2010 Posted by Michelle Davidge

    Has anyone heard of or took a job through English for all Recruitment (e4all or Eng 4 All Inc). Just curious to see if they are above board. One of those too good to be true offers (money wise)Any help would be appreciated....

    TEFL Spam-What does this say about them? (views: 3735)

    - Online - Sun, 02 May 2010 Posted by Admin

    As an admin for 8+ large ESL TEFL TESOL websites, I am constantly privy to the large number of scams that are perpetuated across the web. Lately, I have been noticing another disturbing trend on the rise. An increase in new TEFL companies/websites that resort to base advertising techniques such as spamming. This is both spamming any poster on any ESL web board or forum which they can get an email address for and spamming the same boards with post....

    Re: TEFL Spam-What does this say about them? (views: 3794)

    Online (Online) - Mon, 17 May 2010
    Posted by Alex Case

    Go on, name names!....

    Re: TEFL Spam-What does this say about them? (views: 3297)

    Asia (China) - Thu, 20 May 2010
    Posted by Admin

    Would love to Alex but the ESL websites/networks/training schools in question shall remain least by me ....

    Network ESL - What are they? (views: 4579)

    - China - Wed, 28 Apr 2010 Posted by An ESL Teacher Looking in Chna

    I am writing this thread because I responded to job ads on 4 other ESL Job Sites (including this one) from "Teach in China" and "China Teaching Network" and "ESL Across China" and someone named "Hubert Reid" (and numerous other names) which all came from Network ESL because they contacted me in connection with my email to these jobs. I was shocked by how many ads they were posting and how many names they use to post ads under. Why would a recruit....

    Re: Network ESL - What are they? (views: 5491)

    Asia (China) - Fri, 27 May 2011
    Posted by Shelly

    This organization may not be a scam but they are serious spammers and I don't trust them. I don't like that they hide behind so many different names, emails and websites. Who is this Chris Johnson guy and all these "women" working for NetworkESL? I contacted a site called ESLtoChina to ask some questions and started getting contacted from NetworkESL. I applied to some jobs on this board and ESLteachersboard that all had different emails and....

    Re: Re: China Recruitment (views: 3758)

    Asia (China) - Tue, 31 May 2011
    Posted by Admin

    Shelly: Sorry about your experience. I think I should firstly say that I am not personally familar with NetworkESL so am not making a judgement on them. I can only comment on the recruiters I know, most of whom are perfectly fine though it is a difficult business at best to be in. Let me also add that there are many reputable recruiters out there that I have spoken to personally such as Morgan Recruiters (Korea), Horizon Recruiters (China), Tea....

    Re: Network ESL - What are they? (views: 3584)

    Asia (China) - Thu, 29 Apr 2010
    Posted by Smitty

    In this post....I found great interest because a friend of mine that is employed by the embassy in Beijing asked me about that Web site because they are apparently under some form of an investigation. The situation is, (allegedly) that they are collecting and selling foreigner ID's and the information is being passed around from place-to-place for various reasons. Lately one of the big scams is the illegal use of foreigner ID to bring into China ....

    Re: Network ESL - What are they? (views: 3239)

    Asia (China) - Thu, 29 Apr 2010
    Posted by Admin

    Rather serious allegation but it is only alleged. Something like that would become public very quickly if it were happening. While I agree that identity theft is becoming a huge issue, unless there are formal charges or public notices from the embassy, best to stick to the recruiting of which there seems to be enough.For more information, please visit: or the ESL Teachers Board thread that ....

    Recognizing Scams/Protect from Identity Theft (views: 11642)

    - Online - Sun, 11 Apr 2010 Posted by Admin

    I thought I would share some information I recently sent out to a user regarding a job offer they received via email and asked me to look at to see if it was real. Below you will find (1) my email to them about what I thought of the offer, (2) a copy of the email with the job offer information and (3) a copy of the 'contract' sent offering the job.-----------------------------------------Dear XXX:Firstly, my best advice is to limit the informatio....

    Re: Teacher Scam- (views: 3498)

    Middle East (Online) - Fri, 16 Apr 2010
    Posted by Admin

    Thank you to the teachers that have let me know about the latest twist for teacher recruiting scams: Requesting a fee to process a "Certificate of Anti-Terrorism". For those teachers confronting this request, there is no such thing.......

    Abu Dhabi Education Zone-Ganiyat Gaffa (views: 3604)

    Middle East (Online) - Mon, 12 Apr 2010
    Posted by Admin

    It is surprising how many emails I am getting from teachers who visit my Icon Group Thailand sites telling me they have received a similar offer of employment from Ganiyat Gaffa as a registrar for the Abu Dhabi Education Zone. Has anyone actually gotten a position they are currently working at through this person?Regardless, I hope all teachers look through job offers to make sure they meet some legitimacy criteria and also read through my Job Sc....

    TEFL Training Courses–Accreditation and Certification (views: 6588)

    - Online - Sun, 21 Mar 2010 Posted by MGHines

    IntroductionFor a TEFL teacher about to start their TEFL teaching career, choosing the right TEFL teacher training course can be daunting. When trying to figure out the accreditation of the TEFL course, the task is overwhelming. Thus, information is needed on more internationally recognized teacher training courses and accreditation/certification agencies for TEFL courses.-------Every TEFL teacher training course should be accredited with “....

    Re: TEFL Training Courses–Accreditation and Cert (views: 3377)

    Europe (Online) - Mon, 22 Mar 2010
    Posted by ICAL_Pete

    It would be good if things were this simple... but unfortunately they're not.There is quite simply no international, independent accreditation organisation for TEFL courses. That's the bottom line.Those "accreditation" organisations you mention all have issues associated with them.Cambridge, for example, whilst providing a very good course (CELTA) do not actual accredit courses. Unless of course you mean they accredit their own franchise schools.....

    Re: TEFL Training Courses–Accreditation and Cert (views: 3419)

    North America (Online) - Mon, 22 Mar 2010
    Posted by MGHines

    Pete:You are correct that there is no international accreditation agency. It is that simple. But with regards to traditional on-site training, there are some accreditation agencies that are more "recognized" or "approved" by schools/employers than others which is really what teachers are concerned with. Regardless and as you suggested, it would be nice to have an impartial, internationally recognized accreditation agency.As I mentioned and as you....

    New Jordan Education Group/ Kindergarten/Training School - Wuhan city in Hubei (views: 4844)

    - China - Sat, 27 Feb 2010 Posted by Sandy

    Dear All,I just thoughtyou might want to know that if this company:New Jordan Education Group/ Kindergarten/Training SchoolContacts you about a job offer, I suggest you not to take it. I have just ended my contract with them and wished I hadn’t gotten involved with this company as so many others previously and currently now wish also.This school has done the following to both its foreign and Chinese teachers:~ Delayed pay~ Cut large amount....

    Tokai University and Color Politics (views: 4069)

    - Japan - Wed, 10 Feb 2010 Posted by Karmo Tharn

    I have been an English instructor in Japan for 12 years. I have worked in every level of the public and private education system in this country and have been a part-time university instructor for the past four years in four institutions. I am an honors graduate from the University of Toronto. I first came to Japan in 1996 with a TESL certificate. Since that time and, while I was working, I managed to obtain a Masters in Applied Linguistics, with....

    Re: Tokai University and Color Politics (views: 3450)

    Asia (Japan) - Thu, 11 Feb 2010
    Posted by Alex Case

    I don't know anything about your personal circumstances, but there is no doubt that there is lots of racism in Japan, if no more than in somewhere like France. The question is what we can do about it, because if your post puts non-whites off going to Japan things will never change.....

    Teaching at Japanese Universities (views: 4202)

    - Japan - Wed, 10 Feb 2010 Posted by Karmo Tharn

    I wish to draw attention to practices in university English departments in Japan, which are by their very nature counter-productive and often harmful to the acquisition of English as a foreign language in Japan. . I have been a university instructor for the past 4 years and have taught English in Japan for the past 12 years. I also have a T.E.S.L. certificate and a Masters in Applied Linguistics. This article is meant for the public, at large and....

    Anti English Spectrum (AES) (views: 4121)

    - Korea - Sat, 09 Jan 2010 Posted by Foreigner

    The Anti English Spectrum (AES) is a xenophobic Korean vigilante group spreading hate-mongering rhetoric about foreigners in Korea. Join the Facebook group to dismantle this unacceptable group: more information about the AES, see:

    Re: Anti English Spectrum (AES) (views: 3299)

    Asia (Korea) - Sat, 09 Jan 2010
    Posted by Admin

    Dear Foreigner: While I empathize and share your sentiments towards this group or any group that promotes hatred of others, I would ask that we not spiral into a flaming war. In addition, it would be nice if you could identify yourself via email for those wishing to contact you for more information.I wish that there was more good news that people wanted to discuss but it seems that the bad is always more interesting than the good. :-( Anyway have....

    Premier Language Center - Dubai (views: 3602)

    - Online - Sat, 09 Jan 2010 Posted by Chris

    Is it real or fake? Premier Language Center in Dubai? $3900, etc.?....

    Re: Premier Language Center - Dubai (views: 3491)

    Middle East (Online) - Sun, 10 Jan 2010
    Posted by clarky

    I have already received the contract from this institution.. do you have other information about this school?? a website, perhaps? ....

    Re: Premier Language Center - Dubai (views: 3179)

    Online (Online) - Sun, 10 Jan 2010
    Posted by Admin

    Chris and Clarky: I would suggest asking the school for their website and physical addresss/phone number. Please see for some things to ask for:I would suggest reading through my article Evaluating Teaching Job Offers. There is also some good Employment Scam Advice on Wikipedia. In addition, do some very basic background work on a job offer such as:1. Did they actually post the terms of the ESL TEFL TESO....

    Re: Premier Language Center - Dubai (views: 3297)

    Online (Online) - Fri, 15 Jan 2010
    Posted by clarky

    i have found this info through a constant web search about the Premier Language Center.. follow the link.. is a passport Scam.This is a passport scam. They're based in Nigeria collecting ID clones. DON'T send them any personal details.....

    Re: Premier Language Center - Dubai (views: 3573)

    Middle East (Online) - Sat, 09 Jan 2010
    Posted by Admin

    Dear Chris: Not much information given but a quick Google search on Premier Langauge in Dubai turned up nothing except more posts from others asking if it was a scam. If you are not sure or are having doubts, I would suggest finding other employment options.Thanks!

    choosing a recruiter (views: 3265)

    - Online - Fri, 19 Dec 2008 Posted by adam

    I've looked at and been in touch with a few recruiter but its hard to figure out who to go through... Does anyone have any experiences with Korea Horizons and/or Footprints??? ....

    Free Wordpress Blogs for the ESL Community (views: 4104)

    - Online - Fri, 28 Nov 2008 Posted by TotalESL

    Free for the ESL community: Wordpress User blogs with private admin panels. The new Total ESL Blogging system is now a powerful tool for the ESL community…and it’s Free! There are over 70+ templates to choose from. Also, we have included some great plugins to enhance the system even more - such as YouTube video embedding, photo blogs, Flckr, polls, events calendar and sharing content options. ESL teachers can start a great teaching portfolio ....

    Looking into TEFL (views: 3515)

    - Online - Tue, 25 Nov 2008 Posted by Isaac Chico

    I've heard some good things about pursuing TEFL as a career, but I've also heard some very very bad. Does anyone have experience of it? I know I'm not going to get rich from it, but is the pay enough to live on? If you decided to leave the sector, how seriously was your experience taken by prospective employers? ....

    Re: Looking into TEFL (views: 2937)

    Online (Online) - Tue, 02 Dec 2008
    Posted by Daveon

    really depends on where you would be teaching and how you live there. Going to clubs every weekend is definitely out of the question for newbies. I'm still teaching in China, so far it's OK-ish. Some supplement their income with private tutoring and such-which may or may not be legal in some countries. take a loot at these if you're looking into getting certified.

    Re: Looking into TEFL (views: 2948)

    Online (Online) - Mon, 01 Dec 2008
    Posted by Guy Courchesne

    The most important things to ask yourself right now is where do you want to teach and why do you want to go? Generally, you're right in thinking you don't get rich TEFLing. If you have god qualifications, such as a Master's in Education, then you can arn a very fine living abroad. If you're more interested in travel and learning about another culture, then TEFLing is good for you, but not as a way to earn a lot of money. ....

    Special Thai Project (ATI and TEFL International) (views: 3527)

    - Online - Wed, 19 Nov 2008 Posted by Ceelin

    I'm a newbie in the world of ESL and in fact I'm just browsing for which certificate course to take. Saw a lot of people talking about the Special Thai Project and look into TEFL International's website. looks good, 500 USD i think reservation fee and you get certified in an onsite course with guaranteed jobs afterwards. saw a lot of people happy with it too! though I'm wondering why is it there's another website with the exact same program in Th....

    Re: Special Thai Project (ATI and TEFL International) (views: 3157)

    Online (Online) - Sat, 27 Dec 2008
    Posted by Ted Persinger

    I just had VERY great experience with TEFLLIFE.So I recommend you . They have a school for few weeks in either Chang Mai or Phuket that is then followed by a 4 months teaching contract at a school at a location somewhere in Thailand. .They are very professional and can give me the training with course certification that I need for teaching with International acceptance and help to get the job. Good luck Ted ....

    Re: Special Thai Project (ATI and TEFL International) (views: 3280)

    Online (Online) - Tue, 23 Dec 2008
    Posted by Magdalena Dziedzic

    I had great experience with teflinternational:The best thing about the course was : grammar imput, different models of teaching ..great experience, very intensive but have learned a lot. ....

    Re: Special Thai Project (ATI and TEFL International) (views: 3426)

    Online (Online) - Sat, 20 Dec 2008
    Posted by Nikita Patel

    I joined TEFL international.I have a great experience with TEFL international .The teachers were great and I loved how the students mingled with the teachers for apparitions. I like that part of it! And course wise, it was a solid course and useful. ....

    Re: Special Thai Project (ATI and TEFL International) (views: 2996)

    Online (Online) - Wed, 03 Dec 2008
    Posted by Ceelin

    Just letting everyone who might find this useful. I'll be signing up with TEFL International on this one. Seems that ATI made their Special Thai Project like a year after TEFL International ran theirs. Despite the bad rap I've read about TEFL International, I'm optimistic about the course with them since 1. I've spoken with a few people who took their course, STP and regular, and they seem to be doing fairly well 2. If TEFL International really i....

    Re: Special Thai Project (ATI and TEFL International) (views: 3127)

    Online (Online) - Tue, 02 Dec 2008
    Posted by Daveon

    Haven't heard from anyone who took part in ATI's course but I can tell you that TEFL International has had that program well before ATI had one. Also contemplated the Thailand project before settling for the Chinese project 'bout... two/three years ago? ....

    TESOL/CELTA/TEFL (views: 3320)

    - Online - Mon, 17 Nov 2008 Posted by Angelina Mara

    I'm really confused as to what I should get. Have a bachelor's degree in arts (yes, arts :) ) and finally got around to maybe teaching is my calling. I'm thinking maybe Asia since I have been fascinated by a lot of places there, Thailand in particular. ....

    Re: TESOL/CELTA/TEFL (views: 3378)

    Online (Online) - Tue, 02 Dec 2008
    Posted by Daveon

    There really isn't much difference between them in terms of acceptability. CELTA, hands down, has the most impact since it's one of the most well-known courses out there. In Thailand, a degree and a certificate pretty much sets you up. linked this already in another thread but take a look at this: ....

    Certification authenticity? (views: 3315)

    - Online - Thu, 16 Oct 2008 Posted by Tyler Prince

    I am attempting to obtain a TESOL or TEFL certificate online. I have a BS degree and am confused about which company to complete my certification with. Any help? Please advise. Thanks, ....

    Teach English in Korea (views: 3316)

    - Online - Tue, 16 Sep 2008 Posted by welcomerecruit

    Job title Andong(Kyungbook) Level Elementary Monthly Salary 2.3 milion won Overtime pay 18000 won Class hours mins/hr Work hours 120 hrs/month Work days Mon~Fri Class size Students/a class Type of housing Single House(One Room) Distance from housing to school 5 mins (by walk) Vacation 10 day a year Start date 2009 - 02 - 20 Airfare Yes Completion bonus Yes Insurance provided Half School`s request & introduction Working Hours : 9:30am~6:00pm Korea....

    Re: Teach English in Korea (views: 3359)

    Online (Online) - Mon, 06 Oct 2008
    Posted by Roger

    Hey Why don't you contact link removed for TEFL jobs abroad? You can advertise your job there and get thousands of applicants to see the advert. ....

    English Teaching Jobs (views: 3320)

    - Online - Mon, 15 Sep 2008 Posted by Roger

    All kinds of English Teaching jobs available at You can search for jobs currently available worldwide, see all the information on a single page, and apply with a single click... ....


    - Online - Fri, 15 Aug 2008 Posted by Ray

    NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING TEACHERS REQUIRED IN DOHA, QATAR Monthly Salary: QR25,000 QR300,000 PER YEAR HIGHEST TEACHING SALARY IN THE MIDDLE EAST !!!!!!!! Certification: Degree in Education in the subject area NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING PRIMARY / PREP SCHOOL TEACHERS REQUIRED IN QATAR Are you looking for something new, or a bit different this year ? Would you like to live and work in a new country & enjoy an Amazing Teaching Experience ? Teach in the ....

    Research Project: Help-Participants needed (views: 3500)

    - Online - Tue, 05 Aug 2008 Posted by Maria Armaou

    Hi everybody, My name is Armaou Maria. This post is a call-for participants for my dissertation project on the relationship between the strengths of character and subjective well being of secondary school teachers (age of pupils 12-18) at the University of Nottingham. This research has been approved by the ethics commitee of Nottingham University. I'd appreciate if you could circulate this information to your colleagues or networks that may be in....

    TEFL showdowns worth following (views: 3521)

    - Online - Sat, 26 Jul 2008 Posted by

    Note: this has been cross-posted to the new forum at 1) David's English Teaching World vs. Dave's ESL Cafe (discussion forums) Dave Sperling of ESL Cafe has seen challengers come and go over the last thirteen years. Some have persisted and even thrived as go-to websites in their own right but none have made a real dent in ESL Cafe's traffic and/or user base. In that regard, David's ELT World is differ....

    Criteria for choosing a TESOL course (views: 3411)

    - Online - Mon, 14 Jul 2008 Posted by eigoman

    Just a quick rant on something I read somewhere and now can't find. An experienced teacher answered a query on a forum regarding criteria for choosing a TESOL certificate with the advice that the person make sure it qualified for credits towards a Master's degree program. This seems ridiculous to me. I know some TESOL courses do garner credits with some Master's programs. While there is nothing wrong with that, it shouldn't be seen as distinguish....

    MEXICO (views: 3333)

    - Online - Mon, 07 Jul 2008 Posted by Paula

    Hi - I will be getting my TESOL certificate this month through Oxford Seminars. I am interested in possibly working in Mexico. I was wondering if anyone has worked in Mexico. What were your experiences like? Some possible school recommendations that you really enjoyed ( and that provide accomodation!) Thank you in advance. Paula - US ....

    Re: MEXICO (views: 3346)

    Online (Online) - Tue, 08 Jul 2008
    Posted by GoTeacher

    Check out Guy Courschesne's blog for information and advice on teaching English in Mexico. I would also recommend the Mexico Forum on Dave's ESL Cafe. This Guy is Teaching Abroad: ....

    Re: MEXICO (views: 3299)

    Online (Online) - Mon, 14 Jul 2008
    Posted by Guy Courchesne

    Thanks for plug on my blog! Mexico can be tough for landing a job over the net or by telephone. You'll pretty much have to resign yourself to coming here before having employment secured. I would advise be very vague about your TEFL qualification when applying. Oxford is well known in Mexico and will shut doors rather than open them. Play up your degree or any other experience you have. ....

    Oxford Seminars' reputation in Mexico (views: 3994)

    Online (Online) - Mon, 14 Jul 2008
    Posted by eigoman

    Interesting. Are you saying that no course is better than this course as far as employers in Mexico are concerned? It used to be that schools preferred something to nothing but that might be changing. And maybe it should. ....

    Re: Oxford Seminars' reputation in Mexico (views: 3886)

    Online (Online) - Fri, 18 Jul 2008
    Posted by Guy Courchesne

    Darn it, had a typo in that last post. No, I wouldn't say that having no course is better than this one, though I can see how I may have left that impression. I don't want to kick Oxford around here online, but they are known well enough for not providing actual teaching practice. Highlighting that on a resume isn't a good idea in my opinion. I don't see any harm in mentioning having taken a TEFL course (and any course is probably better than not....

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